freedom for Waluś! The South Africa hero!

@JohanDbnZA yeah I am not the minority here so I was wondering if you are alive 😆

I just step by to see what's going on here 😄

Happy New Year to all the #DigiAfricanFams
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Happy happy 😆 6th Birthday 🎉 🍰 🎁 Digibyte, what an achievement, @JaredTate thanks for your visionary foresight in developing this truely remarkable blockchain, we appreciate all your and the Digibyte team of developers hard work the past 6 years 🍾🥂

Reminder:Today is the last day to withdraw #DigiByte from @PoloniexPlease be sure to withdraw your valuable $DGB coins before 17:00 UTC, at which point the wallets will be permanently disabled.
VALR Informs its Customers of FNB Bank Crypto Account Closure and a Full Switch to Standard Bank by February 2020In an email to its customers, VALR, the South African crypto exchange, has officially announced its First National Bank (FNB) account closure and that it will be switching fully to Standard Bank at the end of February 2020.The email reads:“First National Bank (FNB) is unbanking all businesses in the cryptocurrency industry, including VALR. We have been using FNB and Standard Bank as our banking partners but will be switching fully to Standard Bank at the end of February 2020. After Friday, 28 February 2020, only use our Standard Bank account to make deposits.”