Im next South Africa FUTURE !

Group still small but lets grow it...please invite ur friends

Any questions Digibyte is very clued up and can answet wherever others cant i am sure

Not the biggest group

But happy to be here

Digibyte is gonna be massive 🚀👌😎

Fact is dgb price is still low

Dgb future is bright i understand but now price is too low

Don't be bogged down by today's price. In truth, we have reached the bottom. However, we are about to start a new market cycle where we will surpass previous all time high. This time we will grow more organically and less impulsively. Most importantly, DGB solves many issues that plague BTC and other alt coins. DGB isn't built in a day. Hats off to Jared and the development team for all of their hard work!! Much obliged.

Get your digi quick

Foundation news 15th

I guess it all depends on how good/bad the foundation and 2018 roadmap is

Gonna have to make a new email.... i think cryptosaffa is politically tainted 😂