you have to enter the PIN twice

if you’re just setting up

and it has to be 6 letters

6 numbers to be exact

you have to enter PIN (6 digits) once and then again to confirm it on another screen

if you’re setting it up

how does it freeze exactly?

do the blue dots dissapear or what?

After imputing the pin twice

The write down you personal recovery key button does not click

my recommendation is using the core wallet on computer to store DGB

if htat is not possible

and load it with digibyte

not sure what your issue is

And if I skip it, it takes my to page showing balance with nothing clickable

yeah that’s because you did not write down the recovery key

try menu > settings > write down key

Coinomi wallet is also good

Has anyone used coinomi to convert btc to dgb

Has anyone used coinomi to convert btc to dgb

Jip you can use changelly or shapeshift, however shapeshift is currently not working for dgb, it did work previously

Hello DGB Africa team, hope you are all well. As you know, DGB joined the Africa Blockchain Alliance to promote blockchain awareness and education, and to promote use of the DGB digital assets.

I would like to send an invite to all members of the ABA to join our telegram group if that's alright with you. They asked for a bi-weekly discussion on DGB. I will try to coordinate that in the group, pulling folks from the rest of the community to answer questions on mining, wallets, exchanges, dApps etc.

I think it will also be a good way for them to also get exposure to DGB Africa community members. You guys have invaluable, practical advice

Please let me know if the above proposal is fine by you and I will get on it. Thanks! @JohanDbnZA @StrCoin @Prinsj @Jasmine_may @DamirCengic @Pato_1991 @524267520 @sublime69 @achuoetigha @pharrell02 @shak33s @Exboyugo @Kingkris295 @tonypap Zak 🇿🇦 and everyone else 😂😂😂😂😂