Baie dankie Johan 👍

Moorreesburg en jy Johan?

Bertie Louw
Surfer? 😂

Het probeer, en my gat gesien en nooit weer probeer surf nie 😂 Gaan darem baie strand toe

Johan(not giving away free bitconnect) Grobbelaar 🇿🇦
Ek sien die see van my stoep af 😜

Sjoe dis lekker man! As DGB se prys werklike markwaarde haal kry ek dalk vir my ook 'n plekkie by die see...

Mense in official raak moerig as ons nie engels praat nie 😂 ek is al n geruime tyd van fb af

Nee Johan. Ek doen bietjie Social Network development - dis 'n goeie nutsmark. Mense raak gatvol vir FB...

Ja ek het agterna eers gekliek - toe los ek maar 'n nota. Die arme mense sal NOOIT Afrikaans verstaan nie 😂😂😂

Wow interessant. Ek het vandag vir die eerste keer Telegram gelaai en probeer. Nog net op my laptop. vote digibyte

I told you guys yesterday, the market gets greedy 😏

The Pan-African Passport Inches Closer to RealizationThe African Union has announced that it will present for adoption, guidelines on the design, production, and issuance of the African passport during its 32nd summit that will be held in Addis Ababa on 23 February.According to a study by global travel technology provider, Sabre, “the introduction of a Pan-African passport will lead to over 20 percent increase in travel spending on the continent.”During the 2018 World Blockchain Summit held in Nairobi, Kenya, Tunji Durodola, NIMC, Nigeria, proposed an identity for Africa, essentially a Pan-African passport, on the blockchain, which created enthusiasm for the long-held dream of complete free movement across the continent.

Is this group very active?

It depends it we are in a bull or a bear 🐻 market 😂🤣

Binance Labs Seeking to Incubate African Blockchain StartupsBinance Labs is calling out for applications for any early-stage startups looking to get incubated from Africa. In Africa, Lagos will be the first incubation hub from where startups in Africa can be incubated via the venture firm.Speaking to BitcoinKE, the new Binance Labs Director, Yele Bademosi, said he was excited to introduce the first Binance Labs program in Lagos, Nigeria. Yele was also thrilled to learn about the thriving East African blockchain space and would be delighted to pay a visit and check out the space even further.Startups that get incubated at Binance Labs receive the following the venture firm:1. Seed Investment: We provide Seed Funding: min. $120k (10% Equity and 10% of Token Sale Pool).2. Mentorship: We have top mentors with both crypto and startup experiences.3. Network: We connect startups with our network of industry leaders.4. Other Resources: We provide support for startup formation, regulatory/legal advice, recruiting, technical execution, fundraising, marketing/PR.

Any body has the contact of the Chief Marketing Officer? I need to get in touc with him Urgently

No idea. Seen quite a bit of speculation abt it, either way I'm buying

I got bags and will hodl too 😊

Digi-assets gonna be huge

I got bags and will hodl too 😊

To give u an idea, I sold 10 Krugerrands at $1200,bought xrp at $0.004, sold at 70c,and put at least 70% of it into dgb at $0.008. U do the math on my holdings