@JohanDbnZA so nice to be back for a few weeks.

Enough to retire 😊

I think we could see 50c this year

We should have digibyte millionaire Africa meet up down the road

250k at 50c (R8 or so) is R2m. At 7% interest that's R18k pm. Assuming u retire ur house and car is paid off, that is a comfortable retirement

Now i can mine again 5kw #vokeskom

True my first goal is to sell enough to pay off the bond then hodl the rest to $10

Of course I also have a siacoin sc1 miner making me 5k sia per day

We need more views on this page https://coinrivet.com/digibyte-teams-up-with-block-30-labs/

Not sure of this group entertains any Trading Technical Analysis (TA) on DGB

Marcel Du Plessis
Gr8 thanks

Be careful, dom mense woon daar 😂When moonWhen binanceWhy dgb downIs dgb deadEk was admin daar, maar te veel geword toe boggerof ek😂

Cool... What's the focus on this channel

Place where ppl from Africa can discuss or ask questions re dgb

OK.. I M in Pretoria.. What's dgb about

Digibyte.ioDigi-id.ioDigusign.comThe fastest utxo with the lowest fees, real time difficulty adjustment, and the most secure with 5 algo mining.Think Bitcoin and Litecoin, just 100 times better

100 times better

Unlike bitcoin and Litecoin, dgb can scale onchain and don't need lightning network

Wow.. The difference is alarming

And it's a seperate utxo blockchain, never been an ico, no premine, no CEO, all community driven, open source

U mean it... Open source

Impressive... So how do I get involved

What are the main benefits.. And so on

What are the main benefits.. And so on

Besides everything mentioned above, being a community, ur opinion means as much as everyone else's, u can build dapps, many have, or u can build an ico on dgb