Bitcoin is too expensive for africa. The developing world cannot pay $7 transaction fees per transaction. Digibyte is the answer for blockchain solutions in africa

It's Bitcoin time. After that Bitcoin cash would pump. What is happening in the market

Im sure many ppl hated bitcoin when they bought at $1000 and it fell to 100ish ..... dont be like them 😉

Morning! Came here on link from Renaldo Gouws group. Thanks Johan. I dabble in Bitcoin and Euthereum. Mostly trading on Luno because I'm stupid and scared of overseas (unknown) exchanges. Where do I find proper info to read on Digibyte?

Do you buy in with Bitcoin or fiat?

 Exchanges Suspend USDT Transactions After $30 Million Tether Treasury Wallet Hack The company behind the controversial Tether altcoin has revealed a few hours ago that it suffered a cyber attack in which the alleged hacker made off with over $30 million… Read More
JP Morgan Chase Makes Surprising Announcement, May Add Bitcoin Futures After all the FUD and insanity, JP Morgan is considering adding Bitcoin futures trading to their platform.
 Paxful to Help Fund 100 Schools in Africa #BuiltWithBitcoin Judging solely by mainstream news reports, one sometimes might be mislead to think that only hackers, ransomware criminals and cyber punks are involved in the bitcoin community. In fact, people… Read More

So in Rands, digibyte just hit 100% profit since segwit2x. Everyone raving about bitcoins 40% gain. Noobs

JP Morgan Strategist Says Regulated Futures Markets Give Bitcoin Legitimacy That awkward moment when your subordinates publically disagree with you… JP Morgan Chase strategist parts ways with Jamie, says Bitcoin has legitimacy.

Becareful swing trading digibyte. We are very oversold at the moment. If bitcoin behaves we could be back to 300sats in a few days

Largest US Options Exchange CBOE to Enable Bitcoin Futures Trading by December 10 The world’s largest options exchange, CBOE, will list Bitcoin futures on December 10, increasing the liquidity of Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Can Pay Your Traffic Fines in South Africa A South African fines administrator in South Africa has started allowing their clients pay outstanding traffic fines with Bitcoin.
Mark Yusko Defends His $400,000 Bitcoin Prediction Mark Yusko, the billionaire investor and founder of Morgan Creek Capital, went on Bloomberg News to defend his prediction that Bitcoin will be worth $400,000 in the long term.

Stop looking at sat price.... $0.008 to $0.015 is almost 100% i wont call that getting hammered.... u wouldve needed a $22000 bitcoin price to get the same kinda returns

This is what DGB has added in the last month, I am sure there are more, can't even keep track actually lol: Buyucoin BuyUcoin | India's first multi cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange, Buy and sell ... Buy, sell & exchange Crytocurrency – Bitcoin (btc), Ethereum (eth), ripple (xrp), Bitcoin cash (bcc), litecoin (ltc), neo (NEO), dash, omisego, nem, l...
 South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Implement Self-Regulation Over 40 companies in South Korea are participating in cryptocurrency self-regulation. Among them are 14 exchanges which have agreed to implement self-regulatory measures; they include Bithumb, Coinone, and Korbit. This… Read More
Bitcoin Not a Threat to Financial Systems, Says US Chief Financial Regulator In its 152-page report, the FSOC stated that the virtual currencies are only utilized by a very small number of consumers and therefore pose no systemic risk.

But the Zulu's aren't that into crypto, maybe bitcoin but not altcoins.

Here are some large news agencies talking about DigiByte. Nasdaq: DigiByte is one of the “20 Cryptocurrencies to Bet the House On!” Harvard University: “How One Blockchain’s Vision and Technology Separates Them from the Pack” Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) : “Jared C. Tate, founder of DigiByte Blockchain, speaking at MIT Blockchain Club” The Future of Blockchain with Matt Aaron from that speaks with Jared Tate, founder of DigiByte. “Jared is arguably the world's leading expert on blockchain technology”. Crypto Lark interview with Jared Tate "DigiByte DGB - Secure, Community Driven, and Legit Blockchain" Andrea Simon (Corporate Anthropologist) interview with Jared Tate from DigiByte: Blockchain is going to be changing perhaps everything we do. Cryptopulse: “An Interview with Josiah Spackman from DigiByte” Brian Kelly from CNBC mentions: "DigiByte will make you Allot of Money!" Ran NeuNer mentions: "DigiByte being a potential replacement for BTC on CNBC Fast Money" HuffPost mentions: "DigiByte miners opting to source their power from renewable sources” Cointelegraph: "Paying your Debts with DigiByte DGB" Global Coin Report: "DigiByte (DGB): Hidden Potential or a Sleeping Coin?"
Ok guys so this.... Standard bank is one of the big banks in South Africa and by extension Africa, the woman in charge of this drive is Naomi Snyman (@naomisnyman on twitter) if we can get her on board South Africa will belong to DigiByte. I have sent her a good couple of tweets, and we need to comment retweet retweet retweet, cos it could be huge if we get her on board. @RudyBouwman do ur magic there too please
Binance Labs Seeking to Incubate African Blockchain StartupsBinance Labs is calling out for applications for any early-stage startups looking to get incubated from Africa. In Africa, Lagos will be the first incubation hub from where startups in Africa can be incubated via the venture firm.Speaking to BitcoinKE, the new Binance Labs Director, Yele Bademosi, said he was excited to introduce the first Binance Labs program in Lagos, Nigeria. Yele was also thrilled to learn about the thriving East African blockchain space and would be delighted to pay a visit and check out the space even further.Startups that get incubated at Binance Labs receive the following the venture firm:1. Seed Investment: We provide Seed Funding: min. $120k (10% Equity and 10% of Token Sale Pool).2. Mentorship: We have top mentors with both crypto and startup experiences.3. Network: We connect startups with our network of industry leaders.4. Other Resources: We provide support for startup formation, regulatory/legal advice, recruiting, technical execution, fundraising, marketing/PR.

Digibyte.ioDigi-id.ioDigusign.comThe fastest utxo with the lowest fees, real time difficulty adjustment, and the most secure with 5 algo mining.Think Bitcoin and Litecoin, just 100 times better

Unlike bitcoin and Litecoin, dgb can scale onchain and don't need lightning network

I would like to know how to buy dgb?

Buy BCH from then move it to and exchange it for DGB