Hello DGB Africa team, hope you are all well. As you know, DGB joined the Africa Blockchain Alliance to promote blockchain awareness and education, and to promote use of the DGB digital assets.
Not connected to the DigiByte but anyway I feel like I should post this here! 🙂 Regards DigiByte Poland! 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱 vote digibyte

We should have digibyte millionaire Africa meet up down the road

We need more views on this page

Digibyte.ioDigi-id.ioDigusign.comThe fastest utxo with the lowest fees, real time difficulty adjustment, and the most secure with 5 algo mining.Think Bitcoin and Litecoin, just 100 times better

Can you add me with phone number.... Also, do you think I can build a betting application on digibyte blockchain

Everyone needs to UPGRADE their DigiByte blockchain core wallet to v7.17.2 before the algo fork on July 19th. About 6000 core node downloads so far. Miners are showing 59% upgraded out of 70%. You can find the release info here: the progress live here: more about the v7.17.2 Odocrypt Algo Fork here: Vote here for DigiByte

I would like to be a Digibyte ambassador in Nigeria promoting the Digibyte brand

Still fixing a date for a Digibyte meetup in Cameroon!

#Digibyte 👌👌👌

An important message to all users of the DigiByte core wallet and third party services like mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and wallets. The DigiByte network is expecting an important upgrade to version v7.17.2 on the 21th of July 2019. You need to upgrade your DigiByte core wallet before that to make sure you can send and receive DigiByte after the upgrade. If you don't upgrade, you will not be able to send and receive DigiByte until you have upgraded your DigiByte core wallet to v7.17.2. This has been extensively and repeatedly communicated in all channels multiple times in the last few months. Also all mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and third party wallets have been personally informed and on social media multiple times to upgrade in time. There is absolutely no excuse from any party if they they not have upgraded yet. Of course a lot have done so, read here the known ones: Any mining issues and issues with sending and receiving DigiByte to and from third party services must be replied to them directly with the request to upgrade their DigiByte core wallet ASAP. Also be aware that we have changed the RPC calls to BTC Core 0.17 from version 6.17.2. So if you run an older version than v6.17.2, you also need to upgrade the RPC calls: Here is the source for the DigiByte core wallet upgrade to v7.17.2:
Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte in debate on Financial Fox
DigiByte on the front page!