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With great pleasure, we’re excited to announce the setup of the DigiByte Foundation. A great revolutionary step for DigiByte towards protecting and promoting the true principles of decentralization, and to empower DigiByte and its community.Learn more about it Saturday 19:00 UTC 16-11-2019 we will host an AMA in where all of your questions will be answered!
Hey DigiByte Community, we need your help with translations for the new website.Join here: preview of the new website: http://dgbio.digibyteservers.ioTranslation group: can add your local language if its not already in the list.Use DigiByte with capital D & B not digibyte, but DigiByte.Keep text between “” the same, but you can translate it to your local language, because in “” are links. Keep the text Digi-ID & DigiAssets.Don’t use formal words for you etc try to make it personal from person to person when you have a conversation and keep it modern.Stay as close to the original text length and when you are done let us know in this chat and tag @makyurt or @theunamatrixIf you have any questions feel free to ask in this chat.- The DigiByte Team
DigiByte is looking for developers who can help ongoing projects to dramatically improve Developer Engagement and Experience of the DigiByte blockchain! Check out the complete list here: Tweet: