Afterall blockchain should be decentralized from the beginning. What's the point of doing a Blockchain if it's not going away from centralized system in the first place.

I have a favor. Can someone write a nice respectful message to the CEO of Binance in Chinese that I can copy and paste to him. Just give some reasons why the Chinese DigiByte Community wants DGB to be on Binance. And sign it at the end from then DigiByte Community. I would appreciate that. And then please roughly translate for me so I know what I am sending to him. :)

赵长鹏先生你好。我们代表极特币团队和支持者,希望币安考虑让极特币上币。我们拥有庞大数量的拥护者(12万3千人推特追从,将近1万2千电报成员)。 此外,极特币的区块链技术非常出色: 1. 更多扩展性(560交易/一秒) 2. 更安全(5种程式算法) 3. 更快(15秒区块时间) 4. 更扩散(11万交点) 5. 更强自适性(即时难度调整) 6. 更低价(少过0.001美金平均手续费) 极特币在今年1月5号达到市价十亿美金。极特币2018年每天的交易量大约3千万美金。 集合极特币拥护者数量,优秀的技术,高额的市价与交易量。我们真心希望币安考虑让极特币上币。谢谢。 Hi Mr Zhao Changpeng, we (DGB community and supporters), wish that Binance considers to list DGB. We have huge number of supporters (123K twitter followers, close to 12k members in Telegram) Besides, DGB has very good blockchain technology: 1. More Scalable (560transactions/seconds) 2. More Secure (5 mining Algo) 3. More Quicker (15 seconds block time) 4. More Decentralized (110k nodes) 5. More Adaptive (Real time Difficulty Adj) 6. Cheaper Transaction Fee (less than USD0.001) DGB reaches 1 Billion dollars market cap on 5th Jan 2018. DGB average daily volume in year 2018 approximately 30 Millions dollors With the number of supporters, Good Tech, High market cap and volume, we appreciate if Binance can consider to list DGB. Thanks Local Digibyte is a digibyte blockchain platform, that provides buying and selling digibyte instantly in your area. * Multilingual support * Enjoy 50% discount for 1 month when you register * Fast deposits and withdrawal * high performance & Secure platform * Support 152 countries * Support 150 currencies * Support 1200 global bank Deposits take 2 minutes to arrive in your wallet. Withdrawals appear in seconds into your wallet. The minimum sell/buy volume is 250 DGB. Withdraw and deposit fee is 0.1 DGB. There is also a fee for the buyer that is 1% of the total amount (the first month is 0,5%). Seller has no fee. The whole idea is that we hold your DGB in escrow until you have been paid peer-2-peer (choose your own way, bank, cash, whatever). Then after you have been paid, the DGB is released to the buyer. Disputes are automatically settled by the system, if needed a dispute can be handled by showing proof or payment, so that the buyer is always sure that he will get his DGB. We have been developing for a year on the platform. Currently we support English & Arabic The founder of the Local Digibyte platform is Abdulsattar Alkhalaf and you can find facebook page in “about” page. We would invite you to sign up and take a look and review the platform, then let us know what do you think about it! Telegram:

This is a public blockchain project,developed in secrecy for over 2 years,costing $20,000,000 Dollars in upfront investments.Born on the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin,this is a paramount work of the blockchain industry.This is a glorious fight for Bitcoin distribution rights,the real-life Ready Player One competition.This is a decentralized,global currency,a form of privacy protection which belongs to everyone.On the 24th of January 2019,the official V-Dimension Deep Web Site will go online!We’re going to disrupt the future.We’re going to redefine freedom.

Everyone needs to UPGRADE their DigiByte blockchain core wallet to v7.17.2 before the algo fork on July 19th. About 6000 core node downloads so far. Miners are showing 59% upgraded out of 70%. You can find the release info here: the progress live here: more about the v7.17.2 Odocrypt Algo Fork here:
Odocrypt is active! The newest mining algo in blockchain has successfully arrived w/ DigiByte! 1st odo block mined 9,112,320: information for people who are using the Android & iOS DigiByte wallets: