Many new Indian exchange on line we are trying hope we achieve line by line 😊👍 Happy trading Digibyte members.👌

DigiByte development alert! v6.16.1 under active testing! This version is on par with BTC version 0.16.0 that has yet to be released. This wallet will be the very first crypto wallet that allows sending SEGWIT transactions from the GUI interface. All DigiByte SEGWIT addresses will begin with a "db."

Hi on the Chinese Exchanges does it have a Chinese name for "DigiByte" and does it have a Chinese name for the symbol "DGB"? thanks

DigiByte = 极特币 ??

DIGIBYTE - COINBASE lets make it happen! Feel free to use #JusticeForDigiByte in the comment section!

doesnt actually mean digibyte

What's mean digibyte

???who can explain digibyte for me??

Does Abra support USD pair to Digibyte?

OKcoin added DGB in Korea!!! In Beta. Also, check this out: BOOM!!! Harvard did a story on DGB! Harvard people have been great and this is just the beginning of great things to come with them!!!
Xiao Fei Ma


CoinTiger exchange launches voiting where users can vote for their favorite project. DigiByte found a place on our voiting list, so DigiByte community can feel free to vote for their coin. You can inform Your community on Twitter/Telegram or other social media! Local Digibyte is a digibyte blockchain platform, that provides buying and selling digibyte instantly in your area. * Multilingual support * Enjoy 50% discount for 1 month when you register * Fast deposits and withdrawal * high performance & Secure platform * Support 152 countries * Support 150 currencies * Support 1200 global bank Deposits take 2 minutes to arrive in your wallet. Withdrawals appear in seconds into your wallet. The minimum sell/buy volume is 250 DGB. Withdraw and deposit fee is 0.1 DGB. There is also a fee for the buyer that is 1% of the total amount (the first month is 0,5%). Seller has no fee. The whole idea is that we hold your DGB in escrow until you have been paid peer-2-peer (choose your own way, bank, cash, whatever). Then after you have been paid, the DGB is released to the buyer. Disputes are automatically settled by the system, if needed a dispute can be handled by showing proof or payment, so that the buyer is always sure that he will get his DGB. We have been developing for a year on the platform. Currently we support English & Arabic The founder of the Local Digibyte platform is Abdulsattar Alkhalaf and you can find facebook page in “about” page. We would invite you to sign up and take a look and review the platform, then let us know what do you think about it! Telegram:
Hello everyone, i would like to introduce you our brand new website if you are interested in translating the web site into your own language you can join here: It has only 40 phrase to translate and does not take too much time.
Mateo:Mateo:New Digibyte stickers 😍