Yes true but again $1 per vote and we need $100k. The best is include without these nonsense fees. They make a lot of money off fees anyway. They can add many coins without checking tech too if money is the ultimate thing to decide on the winners

Can we try to pool this money together maybe? I don’t mind to pay 100$ Maybe people will chip in

if we can get on every major exchnage then we can move on and do other things with our time and money

They are making so much money

Digibyte Monk
Yes that's right. How can an exchange getting on top 10 within few months of starting operation? Think about it

Because there infrastructure and management are good but few are cheap and disgusting about money..They provide good app regarding trading.

Binance, in my opinion, is the worst exchange in the crypto world. I am glad if DGB never gets listed there. They have added way too many scammy pump & dump ICOs and I doubt they will be around 2 years from now. I will not push or support DGB being listed there. Plus they wanted a $100,000 ludicrous bribe. Do you know how effective that money would be if we took that money and applied it to development?

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