Please vote for DGB

wonder how Verge got on?

Verge got on because of voting few months ago and they were top 2 - 3 most voted coin. The winner was another coin but binance decided to add top 5 coins so verge was included

we didn't vote?

Yes true but again $1 per vote and we need $100k. The best is include without these nonsense fees. They make a lot of money off fees anyway. They can add many coins without checking tech too if money is the ultimate thing to decide on the winners

Teng Wang
Can we try to pool this money together maybe? I don’t mind to pay 100$ Maybe people will chip in

Isn't it $1 per vote? I'm not sure whether we can vote multiple times using same account? Of course we must register with binance in order to vote.

wel if we get enough votes they might add us anyway

Why the hell do they charge you to vote?

My god You have to pay to vote, and may not get listed

SanHam ✅
So,I have little money in binance, i will vote multiple time.

Not sure you can vote multiple times using same account. If yes, then definitely will do so lol

Let them do what they want and we just vote if they list us for voting

Looks like Cobinhood will add a few more coins/tokens based on voting. Digibyte is listed there. The voting will happen Jan 5-16. I see a good opportunity for Digibyte here.

Jack Leong

Thanks everyone should vote! Trading Fees would be 0! This is amazing!

DRGN 478 DGB 184 Cobinhood Vote have until the 16th

Reminder to vote for DGB on Cobinhood

Yeah. Was browsing its site. Found nothing on vote

Currently 7 free votes running on , are you sure to have voted everywhere !! ?? the community needs you! subscribe to the channel and help DGB become bigger than ever!!!

Let’s all vote. Shitty ripple are beating us.

CoinTiger exchange launches voiting where users can vote for their favorite project. DigiByte found a place on our voiting list, so DigiByte community can feel free to vote for their coin. You can inform Your community on Twitter/Telegram or other social media!

Let’s not let XRP beat us on this vote. Vote here for DigiByte
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte
Not a vote, but let them know you want to see DigiByte listed!
Not a vote but let them know with #DGB
Vote for DigiByte (DGB)

V-ID is nominated for the Dutch Blue Tulip (accenture) innovation awards.Lets help them pass the vote by voting for V-ID. This is also good for DigiByte recognition. Email confirmation is needed.Please use this link:[email protected]=403166

Vote for DigiByte
Vote for DigiByte, 10 hours left!
Vote for DigiByte Final Stage 🙏🏻
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte!