Sign the petition regarding listing dgb on coinbase exchange👍 and share this to whole community.

Give one min all of you to sign petition regarding adding dgb on coinbase exchange..

Please vote for DGB

Digibyte Monk
Yes that's right. How can an exchange getting on top 10 within few months of starting operation? Think about it

Because there infrastructure and management are good but few are cheap and disgusting about money..They provide good app regarding trading.

Looks like Cobinhood will add a few more coins/tokens based on voting. Digibyte is listed there. The voting will happen Jan 5-16. I see a good opportunity for Digibyte here.

We are extremely happy to see almost 600 community members registered for the first beta of the new iOS wallet. It is not too late to register before the first round will close tomorrow at 12 noon CST, so if you haven't already registered for the beta, and you are an iPhone user, please register here: Let's try to get to 1000 beta testers before registration closes tomorrow at 12pm CST. Thank you for all of your support!

discovernow digibyte: Hey, guys Bitmex is a Monster Exchange and a big deal for DGB to get on, were close but we need the community to tweet interest to them @BitMEXdotcom BitMEX_John <[email protected]> (Add as Preferred Sender) Date: Mon, Jan 15, 2018 5:13 pm To: [email protected] Hi Jim, Your coin now qualifies for our further consideration. We have not received many requests for this coin to be listed from our clients - this is the main metric we use when deciding what coin to list next.

Many new Indian exchange on line we are trying hope we achieve line by line 😊👍 Happy trading Digibyte members.👌

Binance, in my opinion, is the worst exchange in the crypto world. I am glad if DGB never gets listed there. They have added way too many scammy pump & dump ICOs and I doubt they will be around 2 years from now. I will not push or support DGB being listed there. Plus they wanted a $100,000 ludicrous bribe. Do you know how effective that money would be if we took that money and applied it to development?