This group was created to join all those DigiByte followers who have business, to create a visible ecosystem of businesses that accept payments on DigiBytes. #DigitalAsset

DigiByte Commerce Group. The idea for this group, it's propose to all those people who have business to begin to accept DGB in their business. It does not matter that they do not start earning DGB yet, it's more of a visibility strategy Why visibility? is because the idea is to show in physical the face of DigiByte. Let other people ask. That starts to expose the project and sure several people asked How to do it? placing outside your business a sign saying "DigiByte accepted here" If we succeed in replicating this idea in various businesses, I am sure it will begin to have visibility. Second. It is not enough just to place a sign, it is necessary to move the networks, showing that our business accepts DigiBytes, take photos of the business with the sign, show it! This is not a short term results. It is to cultivate the long term. Despite the volatility, I know that businesses can take over, as there will not be many DigiBytes payments to be received. Anyone who wants to express their comments, ideas or suggestions to improve this group, will be welcome.

Hello man, welcome :) By now, we are just 3 people. But soon, I'm sure we are going to be many :)

Good idea, nice work Calvo. Keep it nice and tidy 😊 Looking forward for people, investors and other ideas that could be potentially helpful on DigiByte project.

i have a shop online and i accept already bitcoin.. how accept digibyte ?

Hi bro, thanks for join to this group. We are building the ecosystem of businesses for DigiByte. We know there is a lot of potential, because Digibyte is secure and let fast transactions (have you proved it?) We have determined some ways to get payments with dgb. 1. Wallet-to-wallet 2. With a payment platform (Shapeshift, CoinGate, CoinPayments) 3. With debit card (like Wix card, uquid card) The idea with this group is that we can define these details, considering @DigiByteCoin have a great way ahead to go

coinpayment is the same service ?

Bitpay is very nice for transfer in my bank account

Someone should work out a Digipay, like bitpay for Digibyte

it would be really good

for my accountant lol

Great Bro. I will send you the new logo for DigiByte accepted here 👍

Want to accept dgb in my little blacksmith webshop. The moment i can accept dgb i will start making dgb bottle openers :)

So great Idea, this group 😁👍

Im starting a company in south africa. Go read on and would like to incorporate DGB. That will give DGB huge exposure here. Question of course is, how do i do it

Ik think coingate already has a Wordpress / woocommerce solution.

Hi people. I want to share with you an additional proposal. It's about to work custom designs for business based on a template. It would be basic, but more and more business will be added. For this, I would ask to the business interested a small contribution of 500 DGB (less than 5 USD) So, I would customize a design for twitter and one for facebook. Let me know what do you think about this! 😊

Calvo 🏁

I'm wondering, is this a new DGB logo? Imo looks way better

This one. It is on DGB website

Why DGB price low 😥

Hi man, greetings. Welcome to the group

Dgb and many others man. The world is focus on BTC. We need to keep working to show why Dgb. That is one of the reason for this group

Nice to know bro, well done. The idea of this group is join to the businesses that receive payment in dgb and show to the world the DigiByte Commerce ecosystem.

We are organizing the group for that

Dgb technology ig grt compared to other shit coin... After that why its price go down...???????