Awesome, let me know when it's up, i'll add it to usethatdigi

If you watch NFL you should know who Richard Sherman is one of the best Defensive Player in the game and a very popular one. Apparently he is a Bitcoin fan let make him a #Digibyte fan his got a lot of followers Please retweet and live

When does the big advertising campaign start?

This huge ! Hopefully digibyte can be pair with usd

Hi guys, So after talking to y cagel, I’ve created google docs spreadsheet where each of us can go on there and provide feedback what changes are needed on the website, I started it with two issues I noticed. I know there are tons more. Before you post double check to make sure is not a duplicate. Provide the link to the webpage, the issue and the proposed fix, keep it short and clean please. Once we have everything compiled, I will give the list to y cagel to have this information updated. Thank you and please take the time to help out.

Awesome! Where, how? Details please. Love to see the roll out.

It will be on the main page of reddit

I will send a link when its online in this chat

Perfect! Thank you. Can't wait to see DigiByte start claiming the glory is deserves.

@Nigel DigiByte, how's the advertising going. Where can I see some actually examples of this effort?

Omg it just started 2 days ago

Is there any actually advertisements or is the plan to have companies plug DIGIBYTE?

@Nigel DigiByte... You said... "It will be on the main page of reddit". Did this happen?

This is the announcement

I asked you about an advertisement and you said that it would be on the main page of reddit. So now you're saying, what you meant was your were posting an announcement on the main page of reddit. Please be more precise with your work. I am an investor and I take my investment seriously. Thank you for the feedback, but I have indeed already read the information presented there. Good day.

I will consider this a misunderstanding and leave it at that.

Thank you Eric, Yes I read that wrong I thought you mentioned the announcement of the marketing firm thats why :) my apology

What's going on with DigiExplorer says it failed to connect still waiting on 10k digibyte to get to my wallet it has been over an hour. Any idea what's going on?

Do you know what the problem is I have checked wallet address it's correct sent over 10k from poliniex haven't had this problem before sent to ledger nano s

I went to digibyte blockchain explorer and typed in wallet address and it says no matching results is there something that I'm missing or need to do

Transfer the one billion dgb once received i will send u the 8 eth. U want my address?

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Yeah, I just did the math 1 billion is like either 4 million USD or 41 million lol