Simone, could you elaborate on the "gaming" comment at all. Just curious as it is a touchy subject based on previous events (which were no fault of DGB).

Gaming has been on DigiByte list for some time now. Its a personal project, that I will announce further updates towards the gaming developement once everything are confirmed within the Core team and Foundation. The idea of Gaming has a different approach since last time, security is top priority...I can not discuss further details in public because as I mentioned Core Team, and @JaredTate would need to review the project.

Hi, may i know about digibyte potential market

Where to buy digibyte?

Hello Group!!! Admin pm me I have some proposal for your team.


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Please be wary of any PM's from anyone asking for crypto, even if it's to donate $DGB to our recent efforts in Venezuela. Always double-check the address, you can verify "DCJSNfGsamNYcbZs5HxJPQLpfNtiVAzK1M" by comparing against the original Medium article:
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@Calvo517 ☝️

To the members of this group that have businesses that currently accept digibytes, we invite you to be part of the dgbat website. I'm sure there are many more businesses than you can currently see there

New Digibyte stickers for your business 😍

Hello everyone this group is closing

@Calvo517 @shak33s close this group please

This group is going to Be closed soon.All the information about businesses accepting DigiByte will be in anyone have a business and wanna be part of DigiByte ecosystem, you could contact to

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Forgot about this group lel