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I couldn't find it on any of the articles that I read. The articles have all the others crypto cryptocurrencies

Cryptoking yes i saw those photos Gulden seems a bit off the news feed. Thats one store located in a remote place. I think digibyte has great benefits and i believe in the coin, but I'm just not sure that photo is very relevant.

am i just supposed to sell my digibyte and buy other crypto and use a better wallet and block then?

Looks like those governments can‘t tolerate the fact that many people are benefiting from cryptocurrencies.

My friends be vigilant , Wall Street is trying to influence crypto with their own credit ratings. Weak hands will get rekt. Just look at bitcoin rating and you know this is bullshit LoL

I can’t believe this box mining guy is in the crypto space from 2012 like he said And never heard of Digibyte

Robin hood is making an exchange for crypto

If Robin hood has everything that coinbase has plus more I am definitely switching. They have zero transaction fee for crypto exchange

And for exchanging fiat into crypto.

Well, top of the page for the crypto exchange says that

💙DigiByte💙community please read this! This is the latest vote by Doug Polk, we are second in the list because the onion guys are chrusing hard. However we have an advantage that ONION is not available on Bittrex neighter Binance and that was one of the criteria for the coins. Idk maybe after this Doug will register to cryptopia or kucoin... imo we are in game to make it to his main portfolio, we just need more push and it is depends on #US! If somebody didn’t get it what is this all about, Doug is challenging the best communities to race for his public portfolio, to comment,like, retweet as much as we can. Doug has an other intresting post, what is a lottery game, he will GIVE AWAY 10% of his public portfolio. The registration is for 25 days. What does this mean 👉🏼huge amount of subs, retweet 👉🏼👉🏼 🗣👀ATTENTION 👀🗣 If we are being featured by him during this time, is a GREAT opportunity for our precious #DIGIBYTE!💙 We just have to be a little bit more active. He will do a challenge every week.. If we want to stay in line, we need waaaaay more than this!! Its CERTAIN that there are other 👾Onion like communities who are preparing for the next vote! Think about it please! This whole challenge is all on the communities, we have great power so USE IT!!! Thanks for your attention if your read this! Have a great day! #DIGILOVE

#DigiByteUpdates Multiply reasons, is good to know and understand the valuability of DigiByte as a Blockchain - capable to build on top multiple "Services" and current Development Projects on going. 1. DigiByte blockchain offers cross - blockchain transactions, light networking with #DGB-Speed, fast and secure. #DigiByte is described in two words as #FasterBitcoin 2. #DigiShield/MultiShield Protection being used by many alt-coins to protect their mining pools 3. #MultiAlgo ASIC, CPU, GPU 4. #DigiHash the allowance of 5 mining Algos ( Many successfull assets in the market helped via DigiByte so far) These are Sha256 (ASIC ), Scrypt (ASIC ), Groestl (GPU ), Skein (GPU ), Qubit (ASIC ). Real time difficult adjustment every minute! 5. DigiByte Blockchain 6.5+ million blocks, going on 4 years active development 6. DGB #SegWit via #DigiSync v6.14.2 7. #DigiuSign Blockchain based esignatures suppored by #DigiByteBlockchain - recognized so far in City Contest and Awarded by Clifford Chance, one of the world's pre-eminent law firms. 8. #Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System - DigiByte aims Market Global Adoption 9. DigiByte #Wallets Windows/Mac/iOs/Chrome/Linux/3rd Parties " Coinomi, Ledger, Trezor, Exodus" 10. #DigiByteTIp Blockchain Currency 11. Advanced Developer Platform 12. #Artificial Intelligence Projects (Emma, AI) 13. DGB #Foundation / DGB Promote 14. Conferences/Events 15. Lots Suprises in the future projects/interviews/ gaming... 16. Volume increase in the market/people recognise DigiByte potentials 17. Future partnerships across the Globe - #ecommerce- being used in real world 18. Expansion #corporate Partnerships 19. Korean exchanges on its way and #Asia focus on DigiByteCoin - Already marketing team has made so many improments and DigiByte has been added to many exchanges around the world. 20. #Community actively, stronger and growing and the support is increasing, on individual and common projects. Thank you! 21. The only crypto that recently participated on @City Tech as a finalist!...Everyone that supports blockchain/cryptocurrencies/cryptos should show understanding and respect all efforts DigiByte Team and Jared has made so far. 22.DigiByteCoin a digital asset (currency) with potentials and used in Global scale. 23. Digi messenger, An innovative and secure messaging app built on top of DigiByte that is being prototyped. 24. DigiByte DigiSeeder, A background seeding service to make sure all wallets rapidly find other peers on the network 25. DigiByte DigiMan, An innovative web browser being built to utilize many aspects of the security of the DigiByte Blockchain. 26. DigiByte Playground, an interactive javascript sandbox for developers to learn how to build on top of DigiByte. 27.Great Supportive Community, this is a key to success for every asset in crypto world! - many of "others" come in here to show envy and express jealously for DigiByte success, Development and Community! We focus on our Development and we ignore all haters. In conclusion - @Jared Tate the Founder of DigiByte - That person has been in the front line for years now, making decisions, attending confferences, meet new people and potential partners, supporting and developing projects and all that by risking his own reputation, I bet you all #DYOR before questioning the future of DigiByte. All his efforts much appreciated, without Jared, nobody would be here; talking about DigiByte. We can all become anything we want in Decentralised blockchain like DigiByte. "copy of my post some time ago" Things can change at any time, so I would really advice to everyone in our community and new members who are joining DigiByte; If you really want to have some sort of resposibility and maximize your investment go out on different sources and express your passion your enthusiasm about DigiByte. Help people understand about DigiByte. Become productive! Appreciate, Respect , Believe & Support DigiByte Blockchain #ThankYouDigiByteCommunity

Please be wary of any PM's from anyone asking for crypto, even if it's to donate $DGB to our recent efforts in Venezuela. Always double-check the address, you can verify "DCJSNfGsamNYcbZs5HxJPQLpfNtiVAzK1M" by comparing against the original Medium article: