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ojo lo que le ha pasado algunas de las privacy coins :

Que sea parecido a cryptosoul comprar un paquete o una membresía recibes unos token pero esos tokens los puedes dejar para ganar más y no perder precio los tokens🤗

Today we’re excited to announce that DigiByte (DGB) is LIVE on Uphold!Uphold serves 184+ countries, across 30+ currencies (traditional and crypto) and commodities with frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance for members around the world. Since their launch in 2015, Uphold has powered more than US$4+ billion in transactions.

@cryptoamater would like to kick @CedricCDavis. Do you agree?

comparto este twitt para que observen y descarguen si quieren las plantillas para empezar a aceptar DGB y otras cryptos en sus negocios

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no eh intentando porqué sólo holdeo los DGBcomo soy de 🇻🇪 no eh visto algun exchange para pasarlo a VES e intentar enviarlos a los exchanges que tengan el par DGB/VES

existe una con la que trabajo que se llama Basichange alli puede tradearse, intercambiar y comprar DGB y otras cryptos ademas pertenece a venozolanos y tienen buen equipo de soporte y KYC

la billetera Zelcore tambien tiene entre sus monedas acepatadas DGB y tiene intercambio interno asi que no tienes que salir de la app para intecambiarlas por fiat u otra moneda, o comprar con otra crypto DGB

estas son las opciones q uso para comprar con tarjeta de credito —->

Tal y como comenta @cryptoamater, puedes visitar coinmarketcap y

A mi manera de verlo es un cryptoactivo malicioso

The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) in collaboration with Vertbase is launching a crypto donation platform with the SuperPAC Humanity Forward Fund which supports Andrew Yang for President in 2020. Vertbase, an instant buy, sell and swap exchange has created a donation based platform for charities and other entities who rely on donation based funding, for use in this case by HumanityFWD. The #CryptoFWD donation platform will include Bitcoin, Litecoin, DigiByte, Dogecoin and Vertcoin upon initial launch. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency requires two things: awareness and real world use cases. Crypto donations in the context of a presidential election campaign checks off both these boxes in a compelling way. In Andrew Yang’s own words: “Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have quickly grown to represent a large amount of value and economic activity. It’s time for the federal government to create clear guidelines as to how cryptocurrencies/digital asset markets will be treated and regulated so that investment can proceed with all relevant information.” ( As members of the Cryptocurrency Community it is significant to note that Andrew Yang is the only candidate who recognizes through his policies the innovation that the emerging blockchain economy represents, and embraces its technology as an asset rather than a threat. Cryptocurrency, like fiat, is not tied to any one political party. By incorporating a larger segment of the Cryptocurrency Community, DGBAT hopes that this donation platform will facilitate a broader conversation, donation and awareness effort surrounding the emergence of the crypto economy on a national level. At the intersection of freedom of speech and freedom of monetary value lies political donations in crypto. DGBAT is grateful for the innovative spirit of the Humanity Forward Fund and Presidential candidate Andrew Yang who have embraced the future of the crypto economy, and the support of Vertbase without whom this would not be possible. To make donations to to support the candidacy of Andrew Yang please visit today. Paid for by Humanity Forward Fund ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions or gifts to the Humanity Forward Fund are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
You can also donate DGB to our 3 funds on the DGBAT website that includes General Fund, Development fund & Advertising fund.Donate here to donate a other cryptocurrency than DGB? Use the widget at the bottom at the page where you can choose 18 other cryptocurrencies.Donate here
Vote for DigiByte!
Vote for DigiByte!
DigiByte added to SafePalDigiByte is now added to SafePal.SafePal is a cryptocurrency hardware wallet that aims to provide secure, simple, and enjoyable crypto management solution for the masses. SafePal is operated by a group of experts with 15+ years of experiences in hardware, software and cyber security, and is the first hardware wallet invested by Binance.
DigiByte added to MetalPayYou can now use MetalPay to buy & Sell DigiByte with USD and pay instantly using your cash balance, linked bank account, or DigiByte and other cryptocurrencies.It’s free and by paying using MetalPay you even get rewarded with their MTL token.Currently available in most of the US, with the rest to follow soon.

Saludos @Mikelimon1. En primera instancia se debe aclarar que DigiByte no es una empresa. Es una blockchain de código abierto, gratuita y global.En segunda instancia, hay un proyecto de minería, no se si en la nube, que permite minar [email protected] ha hablado del tema antes, el podría darte mayor información