Maybe you could suggest an exchange, I am in UK

Bittrex has 10k min for the now?

I change £ for btc on local Bitcoin then trade with on polo or bittrex

Bit fined or Bittrex

Maybe Bitfinex is 10,000

I have BTC READY to swap

Ok I will look them up as well

I downloaded Digibyte Go wallet ( chrome )

So I am nearly ready to go

I also been following. Blockwolf

Blockwolf on YouTube

They have researched dgb, and their enthusiasm for it got me interested

Anyway, you have to start somewhere

Just make sure you never follow blindly and make your own decisions you'll be good

Being in dgb is s good start 😉

Yes, short term price is not my main priority with dgb, slow sustainable growth and adoption will make it a success

Anyway, thanks for your help and good night.

PLS vote digibyte

Just 3 hrs more..

Buy at price green area...

So? The tech is lacking at the moment. No new innovations

Competition is moving ahead