Hey raul! My names Ash, I'm from Leicester, UK and I'm the owner of an independent record label and dgb enthusiast. I'm hoping at getting this event set for mid/late 2018. You're from the Netherlands you were saying? I hear crypto is getting big over there. Which could make it a good location for such an event. Here in the UK it's not that big and it seems less and less are accepting btc as a payment so I thought it'd be a good idea to showcase dgb and it's advantages to the population.

Feel free to invite anyone who you know that might be interested in helping out

Hi, Ash. I am from the Netherlands and crypto is getting really big in here. Would be great to have a sort of event so we can promote DGB, maybe some technical people could join us. I don;t know much about the tech from dgb only a little bit. I can see if some people want to join us. Not so many DGB fanatics around here (to bad)

How can i invite people in to this group?

Sweet, yeah I was thinking of having talks from people like Jared and other people heavily involved in it. I would also like to have digusign there to show their product too. Send them this link to join https://t.me/joinchat/DKVgZ0O7LRaZWLU3FOyxtQ

Digusign is based on DGB it is not a DGB product

I know. As it's based on dgb it's good to show to other businesses that they too can build on the dgb platform

We just have to open people's eyes to the possibilities withing the dgb blockchain

I take it you know the aims of this group?

Yes. Just busy with work atm and wanted to join the group to keep up to date. Love the idea! I'm a techy from Ireland.

Ah sweet! Great to have you on board. Are you working on anything dgb related?

No unfortunately not yet!

Need to find a paying client first :)

True, hopefully it comes soon. And if not then I'm sure at this event you'd be able to find some work!

It is a good time to get into it.

Does anyone know any events managers that are used to working with big events?

Definitely! 2018 is going to be crazy for crypto

I'm going to put to get her some images to show the different areas of this event today

Sounds great. Would be good to have a better picture to ask around.

alright, once ive mocked one up ill show you guys and you can see if it contains everything we need for now etc

Sorry guys been super busy past few days

heres the image that shows what kind of things will be going down at the event. let me know if theres anything that needs adding/changing

if any of you would like to do a talk in any of thesse subects let me know

and ofcourse if youknow anyone else who isnt here that might want to get involved by all means invite them to help get this ball rolling

has anyone had any thoughts on location? my initial thought was the Birmingham NEC in the UK but i was also thinking it would be good to do it in somewhere like the netherlands where crypto has taken i little more of a hold

if we can get a few suggestions together all host a poll on the official to see where everyone thinks it should happen

Amsterdam would be neat if it is NL. There is an international airport ...

true, i wouldnt mind a trip by there either ;)

so far we have UK, Amsterdam & Netherlands in general

Dublin of course!

That's it. My top picks.

Back in the days we had the "HCC" event, that involded everything digital. It was really big in the Netherlands

I can look it up if we have some kind of event nowadays, for us to apply to

definitly! if we can get stalls at other shows and put our own on we will be reaching out to thousands more poeple, reat idea!

ive sent jared a message, hopefully we can get him in board to give a talk or something