if you look at the pinned post thats a quic little graphic i made to demonstrate the topics to be covered at the event

@Chilling_Silence your the go to guy when it comes to mining so you were the first that came up when i was thinking who should do the how to mine talk. You've already got the info in your guide so you'll just need a way to present it in a way that covers the very basics to the advanced stuff as the event will have people who don't know crypto up to crypto devs themselves so it's vital we cater for everyone. Could be an idea to split it into two parts, basic and advanced?

Here's a revised graphic of the subjects done by @Sanjo_smile Again, if there's any subject anyone wants to do a talk or stall on just state you want to do so, so that people can join in or know

What still needs to be addressed

..also people let's keep these graphics within this group for the time being as it's early days. I just got them made to help us see what's involved in the event and I'll be making more to see who's doing what in each part of it. So they're made for our help to keep track of the project and not to promote or to inform of the event and when it gets to the time of promotion I'm sure we will have a handful of worthy images

AshMan Scoop
has anyone had any thoughts on location? my initial thought was the Birmingham NEC in the UK but i was also thinking it would be good to do it in somewhere like the netherlands where crypto has taken i little more of a hold

Birmingham is probably a good idea in terms of there being least chances of a language barrier (In New Zealand we speak English english too), a nice wise audience that can easily travel from England and even a number of nearby countries, and it's an audience ripe for the picking 👌

How long would you envisage the talks being?

ah cool, seems like youre well experienced!

i waa thinking more of having a booth dealing with each point and then talks about each as a whole throught out the day. The reason i first thought of Birmingham NEC is becuase this whole idea stems from when i went to a music show there. Its going to be a a big hall with isles made by diffent stalls/demonstations and an area for talks to take place where people can walk around to the differnt places which sparks interest to them. then once they get to the stalls there will be either a live demonstration of mining, for instance, a looping informational video on a screen which people to answer questions and talk on a specific topic. not sure if that helps you envision it. Regarding talks i was thinking 1-2 hour for main talks and 20-30 mins for the minor ones

Hello @AshmanScoop Great to come up with such an Idea, Do you have plans or who will be in this conference towards DigiByte? I live in London please briefly write down the project plan of this meeting - or explain in some words so I can catchup with the whole idea.

Hi Sinone! Cheers from Ireland.

Hi Sinone! Cheers from Ireland.

Hi mate. Good to see people living in UK are involved in DGB blockchain TEch.

The idea is a showcase event for digibyte and all of its uses. I intially tought of having it in a big hall (like the Birmingham NEC) where it will be like a little village of stalls holding demonstrations and informing of diferent parts of digibyte, business networking and information on how businesses can incorperate DGB, Mining information and demos, could even have some stalls selling DGB, DGB goods, mining gear, etc and main talks by devs and in the know people about DGB.

I was hoping to cover the 3 areas of DGB, Mining, Business applications and the Blockchain

The target audience will be business interested in utalising crypto to everyday people with a bit of interest to people with vast knowledge of these subjects so i think its vital that we catr all across the board and get the very basic stuff covered and the advanced stuff covered too in a nother stall as to not confuse newer people and bore the more inclined

its all in early days of getting the ideas together so feel free to chip in any ideas or suggest any changes you think need to be made

Exactly, sounds great. I will get back to you as soon as I got in touch with people who will show interest into that. Great move 👍

Hey everyone, I'll try to get the break down of wanted stalls and talks to go with each topic on the list so people can start to fully see what kind of event this will be and people can start to allocate themselves to specific ones. Some people have shown interest in certain areas already so I'll put their names next to the topics the showed interest in so people can reach out to them to collaborate etc. As always, suggestions and criticism is openly welcomed.

Sorry I've not had time to get the bits together yet, had a busy weekend with the family. I will try to get them done by the end of the week

I've had an idea of maybe having a VIP package for the event where you get to speak with the people putting in the talks one to one and maybe a few extra perks. I thought this could be a great way to get more funding for the foundation if we say the top 5 (amount of places to be discussed) biggest donations towards the foundation secure themselves with a 'VIP pass' for the event It would have to be done with a cutoff a month before the event, or something like that, to give time for the winners to plan their trip and time to get the message out to them. What do you lot think of such an idea?

I like it. Might make sense to set a fixed price though.

You mean for the donation?

How would we get a top 5 then?

to get the vip package you need to donate at least x

Yes I was thinking this too

It's two different approaches. Both might work.

I suppose it depends how many we'll get. If we do "one on ones" we have to limit the spots. But why limit to 5 if we could get more donations the other way around.

So something like " top 5 biggest donations above 50000dgb" for example

I would like to have an assurance to get the VIP ticket though.

Yeah the number of spaces is still to be decided as we first need to know what the vip pack will consist of and how many we could get doing these things at once without it being overcrowded

Then you could keep topping up your donation

It'll be like an auction

But you won't be able to take them back if you don't win

They've been donated

From a business perspective I would donate a fixed amount to get a guaranteed vip spot. No gambling involved. I would want to buy a ticket and that's that. Those are just my 2 cts though. Maybe it will become clearer once we know what the package will contain.

also ... it should be purchasable via EUR, so you can deduct it as expense. Do not think it will work with DGB?

That's what we need people's opinion and if they differ that's better as we have to try make this for everyone so please feel free to spark up mire discussions like this