uhm sry I mean GBP as well of course! :D

I think it should be in dgb as the whole idea of the event is awareness off dgb. This could lead to people who have never taken their dgb off of an exchange doing so and seeing the true value of dgb as a coin with its speed. Another reason I was thinking of having it as an auction type thing is so we could spread the cost. Say if it was just 5 spots and they were sold at a set price they will need to be priced a lot higher than if everyone was throwing a little bit each in to try get and hold the top spot. Cheaper for the winners I mean if you get me

If that is the goal your initial idea is best. I was coming from the "make money for the foundation" and how to "deduct" costs business perspective. I do forget that some people don't yet know how fast DGB is! Wonder what the others are thinking. Interesting discussion!

You've also got to take into mind that the foundation may not be taking the sgb straight into fiat, they could be sitting on it until it's needed. And then it could have x10 the value

Yes some more thoughts would be great

Well the money would be exchanged to DGB before going to the foundation. Would be a great scenario to show people and proof how quick it is this way.

It is just not the easiest to buy DGB in big sums especially fast - and with payment I tend to like to remove all barriers.

Okay and would you have it in a certain currency or all accepted?

So say just eur or gbp or all of them and dgb?

We could put up a simple page with stripe to take cc. It would be amazing if we could also take dgb.

so all supported currencies ideally

or just EUR/GBP/USD

or just EUR/GBP/USD

sweet, have you had any experience with settingup such payment methods?

yes. Though not dgb yet.

Morning 😁

thats cool that youve got payment method experience, im lacking in that field

I should have most of tech covered.

Some business as well. For that ... how about 2 different sizes for the event? Just in case. A smaller one if we do not get much funding etc.

That is what we did in the games industry ... it worked.

i was also thinking something simmilar

ill try get some costs compared to meter squared to give us an idea

regarding funnding i was thinking if we have stalls like nvidia or something selling mining cards etc then they could pay a certain aount for their stall so itll bring in the money for the entire event

but obviousl we will need a few different sources for funnding

one of the smaller one I remember were in a neat format: a company offered the location (as sponsor). Talks will be minutes each. It it half a day. Afterwards you eat anf mingle.

20 minutes ... sry tipping on phone.

We could start a list for ideas on funding/sponsors and sizes? Now that we have the talk structure?

i was thinking of it being laid out more like this....

this way peple can go straight to their point of interest

Yes. The first is the bigger one 🤗

ill get in touch with the NEC they have a large event room and smaller ones too so ill ask for their prices

Once we know that we could put that with the pic on a site and maybe already take dgb to donate to the event?

Take more ideas in and find people?

yeah sounds good. id like to have more of an idea of whos going to be supporting/running which stalls and demonstrations before we start looking for funding though just so we have a more solid idea to put across which would excite more people i think

ive sent an email to te birmingham NEC so should get prices back by tonight

hey all. we need to gget an idea of how many stalls we will be getting together so we can choose whih sized room to occupy so they can give us a cost for the venue

What do people think of the idea of only accepting digibyte to buy stuff at the event and have a few stalls where people can buy dgb with cash and cards and load them onto their phone wallets to then go around the event paying for things?

Is this group is by official members of dgb..