Hey raul! My names Ash, I'm from Leicester, UK and I'm the owner of an independent record label and dgb enthusiast. I'm hoping at getting this event set for mid/late 2018. You're from the Netherlands you were saying? I hear crypto is getting big over there. Which could make it a good location for such an event. Here in the UK it's not that big and it seems less and less are accepting btc as a payment so I thought it'd be a good idea to showcase dgb and it's advantages to the population.

Hi, Ash. I am from the Netherlands and crypto is getting really big in here. Would be great to have a sort of event so we can promote DGB, maybe some technical people could join us. I don;t know much about the tech from dgb only a little bit. I can see if some people want to join us. Not so many DGB fanatics around here (to bad)

Definitely! 2018 is going to be crazy for crypto

has anyone had any thoughts on location? my initial thought was the Birmingham NEC in the UK but i was also thinking it would be good to do it in somewhere like the netherlands where crypto has taken i little more of a hold

@Chilling_Silence your the go to guy when it comes to mining so you were the first that came up when i was thinking who should do the how to mine talk. You've already got the info in your guide so you'll just need a way to present it in a way that covers the very basics to the advanced stuff as the event will have people who don't know crypto up to crypto devs themselves so it's vital we cater for everyone. Could be an idea to split it into two parts, basic and advanced?

The target audience will be business interested in utalising crypto to everyday people with a bit of interest to people with vast knowledge of these subjects so i think its vital that we catr all across the board and get the very basic stuff covered and the advanced stuff covered too in a nother stall as to not confuse newer people and bore the more inclined

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#Updates Well the time is precious, atm due to BTC madness each currency has relaxed a lot in Satoshi-wise pricely .... although the wise value-wise has risen dramatically in DigiByte and all currencies - this is very beneficial due to the BTC increase and those who are in "crypto frequencies" from the beginning will really understand it. Now the market might take sometime to reach ATHs for many digital assets, although atm is pretty solid to invest right now. With a market capitalization of above $205 bln and continously increasing media coverage globally, more and more investors and individuals alike are tempted to buy into this emerging market. News about countries regulating or banning cryptocurrencies, building consortiums and/or national currencies around the blockchain industry are popping out almost every day. Although many have heard about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general, many are still not willing to buy, for a variety of reasons. However I do remember, and I think we all do, that this is a common occurrence. There seems to be a chasm between being interested in Crypto, and actually buying any. The chasm is real, and it is right where we are. Once we push through that resistance, chances are we end up way higher in the very immediate future, generating incredible gains, especially within the Altcoin Market, considering that BTC is significantly higher than in the last rally of April, thus generating greater profits than ever before. #ALTS generally retested breakout point with retracements larger than 70+%. Which ultimately means the same for #DigiByte we are able to buy at real bargain prices, before going for another strong leg up, which should be stronger than the leg which began in March/April earlier this year. #TotalMarket Clearly Percentage of Total Market Cap Dominance has been taking a hit recently after it managed to get a second leg up, which seems to be week in comparison to the downward motion which began in March 2017 when the first $ALT rally started. It is pretty safe to assume that a downbreak from these heights will result in a second leg up, not only that, but it is even more likely that this 2nd leg will be way stronger than the first. So as a wrap-up we have a rising & record-breaking Total Market Cap, a triggered $ALT Market Cap and a struggling Percentage of BTC Dominance. This ultimately leads to the conclusion that $ALTS are in a pretty good position to get going, while we get closer to #goldenage, which in my understanding is the point in time when both $BTC an $ALTS rise together. #DigiByte As in previous examples, $DGB is in buy zone of previous breakout point, looking to close higher on rising buy volume. Generally sellers seems to be exhausted and markets ready for more upside which gives us the opportunity to get some bags below 200 sats without much downside risk. Currently trying to break out of support range, more upside on accelerated buy volume is to be expected. I know people complain about it, is nothing we can do, so far everyone, people front and behind the scenes including myself working hard and offer as much as possible. Many projects are on the go right now, "hype" will not really help - everything we care is about the DigiByte Blockchain technology, the services and final products; so far #DigiShield has been used to support "large mining pools" on specifically 25 alt-coins, (will update soon who are those alts). We all stick together everyone from the Official DigiByte Team, Supportive Members, Ambassadors, Advisors, volunteers are participating every day on several projects, helping with develpment, programming, research, designs, contacts, websites, companies that accept $dgb (airports/individual corps) and in general supporting DigiByte. #DigiByte will become well known in the nearest future and gain a lot. The year 2018 is going to be really exciting! Any updates can always be found on @DGBAlerts and @DigiByteCoin - (twitter) #Officially.

📌March 9th, 2018, in Zurich, Switzerland, initiated by InnMind, KICKICO and in synergy with Crypto Valley ecosystem. The Summit will be a professional space for: – Those evaluating the potential of tokenizing assets; – Businesses considering adopting blockchain; – Those that have successfully raised funds via ICO campaigns; – Those interested in global financial trends. This large-scale event will bring together 30+ global crypto market experts. Among them: – Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, Sony Kapoor, William Mougayar, Johan Gevers ,Kevin van der Veer , Dr. Efi Pylarinou and other experts. Key representatives of niche, financial and fintech media will moderate panel discussions: ✔ Tech Crunch ✔ Forbes ✔ CNN Money ✔ Reuters etc. 📢The summit attendees will have exclusive networking with traditional and crypto investors, investment funds, policy makers, top Swiss banks, government representatives etc. To see full agenda and get information about tickets available please visit 👉