Hello @AshmanScoop Great to come up with such an Idea, Do you have plans or who will be in this conference towards DigiByte? I live in London please briefly write down the project plan of this meeting - or explain in some words so I can catchup with the whole idea.

The idea is a showcase event for digibyte and all of its uses. I intially tought of having it in a big hall (like the Birmingham NEC) where it will be like a little village of stalls holding demonstrations and informing of diferent parts of digibyte, business networking and information on how businesses can incorperate DGB, Mining information and demos, could even have some stalls selling DGB, DGB goods, mining gear, etc and main talks by devs and in the know people about DGB.

What do people think of the idea of only accepting digibyte to buy stuff at the event and have a few stalls where people can buy dgb with cash and cards and load them onto their phone wallets to then go around the event paying for things?

i am the person who started this group. im not an "official member" of digibyte if you mean the orignal devs, but i am in contact with a few f the team and once we have compiled the organisation of the event it will be ran past them and they will be involved

========== #DigiByteCommunity ========= Would like to ask for your support since we are planning to create a #DigiByteVideo. The video will be introduced to public once is implemented and shared in social media. Please help us create that video, show your support and your love. Create your own video using the phrase below and share it in @DigiByteVideos "I believe in DigiByte" in english and then in your native language. Also, say why you like DigiByte, why you love! Take the video anywhere you like, on any location, on holidays, in the office, at home, at the garden, yours kids, your mom/dad, any public places, on the theater, at work etc...Anywhere you feel more comfortable. Help us spread this message across the crypto-world. Gratefully, #DigiByteSupportTeam Sinone, [20.11.17 22:35] [Forwarded from Calvo 🏁] [ Photo ]

#Updates Well the time is precious, atm due to BTC madness each currency has relaxed a lot in Satoshi-wise pricely .... although the wise value-wise has risen dramatically in DigiByte and all currencies - this is very beneficial due to the BTC increase and those who are in "crypto frequencies" from the beginning will really understand it. Now the market might take sometime to reach ATHs for many digital assets, although atm is pretty solid to invest right now. With a market capitalization of above $205 bln and continously increasing media coverage globally, more and more investors and individuals alike are tempted to buy into this emerging market. News about countries regulating or banning cryptocurrencies, building consortiums and/or national currencies around the blockchain industry are popping out almost every day. Although many have heard about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general, many are still not willing to buy, for a variety of reasons. However I do remember, and I think we all do, that this is a common occurrence. There seems to be a chasm between being interested in Crypto, and actually buying any. The chasm is real, and it is right where we are. Once we push through that resistance, chances are we end up way higher in the very immediate future, generating incredible gains, especially within the Altcoin Market, considering that BTC is significantly higher than in the last rally of April, thus generating greater profits than ever before. #ALTS generally retested breakout point with retracements larger than 70+%. Which ultimately means the same for #DigiByte we are able to buy at real bargain prices, before going for another strong leg up, which should be stronger than the leg which began in March/April earlier this year. #TotalMarket Clearly Percentage of Total Market Cap Dominance has been taking a hit recently after it managed to get a second leg up, which seems to be week in comparison to the downward motion which began in March 2017 when the first $ALT rally started. It is pretty safe to assume that a downbreak from these heights will result in a second leg up, not only that, but it is even more likely that this 2nd leg will be way stronger than the first. So as a wrap-up we have a rising & record-breaking Total Market Cap, a triggered $ALT Market Cap and a struggling Percentage of BTC Dominance. This ultimately leads to the conclusion that $ALTS are in a pretty good position to get going, while we get closer to #goldenage, which in my understanding is the point in time when both $BTC an $ALTS rise together. #DigiByte As in previous examples, $DGB is in buy zone of previous breakout point, looking to close higher on rising buy volume. Generally sellers seems to be exhausted and markets ready for more upside which gives us the opportunity to get some bags below 200 sats without much downside risk. Currently trying to break out of support range, more upside on accelerated buy volume is to be expected. I know people complain about it, is nothing we can do, so far everyone, people front and behind the scenes including myself working hard and offer as much as possible. Many projects are on the go right now, "hype" will not really help - everything we care is about the DigiByte Blockchain technology, the services and final products; so far #DigiShield has been used to support "large mining pools" on specifically 25 alt-coins, (will update soon who are those alts). We all stick together everyone from the Official DigiByte Team, Supportive Members, Ambassadors, Advisors, volunteers are participating every day on several projects, helping with develpment, programming, research, designs, contacts, websites, companies that accept $dgb (airports/individual corps) and in general supporting DigiByte. #DigiByte will become well known in the nearest future and gain a lot. The year 2018 is going to be really exciting! Any updates can always be found on @DGBAlerts and @DigiByteCoin - (twitter) #Officially.

Things can change at any time, so I would really advice to everyone in our community and new members who are joining DigiByte; If you really want to have some sort of resposibility and maximize your investment go out on different sources and express your passion your enthusiasm about DigiByte. Help people understand about DigiByte. Become productive! Official #TelegramChannels visit - Telegram #Support Telegram #Marketing Telegram #Mining Telegram #Developers Telegram #NAmerica Telegram #Europe Support DigiByte Team @DGB_Innovations @DigiByteCommerce @DigiByteVideos @Digitranslate @DigibyteEvents @DigiByteEspanol @DGBwaves Lets all stay positive and work united. Supportive community builds stronger #community. Greatfully to #DigiByteCommunity #respect

Dear DigiByte Community, I am very pleased to inform you that DigiByte will be an info partner for Blockchain Leadership Summit in Switzerland. In fact, one of our DigiByte community members is going to attend the conference, and will be wearing a DigiByte shirt and hat. We also have a promotional code for you to get 15% off the tickets. Use the code “DigiByte”. Anyone that wants to go to the Blockchain Leadership Summit for FREE in Switzerland you can win a free trip More information to follow. The DigiByte core team.
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Hi guys, new to Digibyte

Yes you are correct, in fact, digibytes security is so good it has been adopted by other coins

CANT find exchange to swap BTC FOR Digibyte

I downloaded Digibyte Go wallet ( chrome )

PLS vote digibyte