💙DigiByte💙community please read this! This is the latest vote by Doug Polk, we are second in the list because the onion guys are chrusing hard. However we have an advantage that ONION is not available on Bittrex neighter Binance and that was one of the criteria for the coins. Idk maybe after this Doug will register to cryptopia or kucoin... imo we are in game to make it to his main portfolio, we just need more push and it is depends on #US! If somebody didn’t get it what is this all about, Doug is challenging the best communities to race for his public portfolio, to comment,like, retweet as much as we can. Doug has an other intresting post, what is a lottery game, he will GIVE AWAY 10% of his public portfolio. The registration is for 25 days. What does this mean 👉🏼huge amount of subs, retweet 👉🏼👉🏼 🗣👀ATTENTION 👀🗣 If we are being featured by him during this time, is a GREAT opportunity for our precious #DIGIBYTE!💙 We just have to be a little bit more active. He will do a challenge every week.. If we want to stay in line, we need waaaaay more than this!! Its CERTAIN that there are other 👾Onion like communities who are preparing for the next vote! Think about it please! This whole challenge is all on the communities, we have great power so USE IT!!! Thanks for your attention if your read this! Have a great day! #DIGILOVE
Please be wary of any PM's from anyone asking for crypto, even if it's to donate $DGB to our recent efforts in Venezuela. Always double-check the address, you can verify "DCJSNfGsamNYcbZs5HxJPQLpfNtiVAzK1M" by comparing against the original Medium article:
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I love digibyte and all of crypto, I made this design to help spread awareness to both any feed would be phenomenal