Reminder:Today is the last day to withdraw #DigiByte from @PoloniexPlease be sure to withdraw your valuable $DGB coins before 17:00 UTC, at which point the wallets will be permanently disabled.
Bonjour à tous, c'est le grand maître FIFATIN. Je vous invite à me suivre sur youtube pour voir mes démonstrations du portefeuille magique 👇👇

@TheUnamatrix who is admin to kick this guru ?

Hello , I would say Soyez votre propre banque Visitez Il est temps de repenser l'argent Rejoignez le mouvement Or another possible rewordingPrenez le contrôle de votre argent Visitez Il est temps de repenser le système financier Rejoignez-nous

Si tous les francophones pouvaient contribuer a la traduction eng/fr svp

Hey DigiByte Community, we need your help with translations for the new website.Join here: your local language isn’t in the list you can add it at the bottom of the page.Live preview of the new website: http://dgbio.digibyteservers.ioTranslation group: can add your local language if its not already in the list.Use DigiByte with capital D & B not digibyte, but DigiByte.Keep text between “” the same, but you can translate it to your local language, because in “” are links.If a word must stay the same in your language, please copy and paste it into translation box, do not leave the translation box as empty. Otherwise your translation displayed as incomplete.Never translate these words: Digi-ID, DigiByte, DGB & DigiAssets.Don’t use formal words for you etc try to make it personal from person to person when you have a conversation and keep it modern.Stay as close to the original text length and when you are done let us know in this chat and tag @makyurt or @theunamatrixIf you have any questions feel free to ask in this chat.- The DigiByte Team

mais en effet y a un peu de boulot

ouais c'est assez long

c'est bizarre des fois j'ai mon texte qui s'affiche en rouge

je me demande si c'est pas parce que le texte est plus long que l'original
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bizarre la formulation

jonathan 🇧🇪
bizarre la formulation

You can update strings through github pull request

You can update through GitHub

the website is within a dns blacklist is blocked by my piHole :/

you need

Www will be fixed there is a bug

Il faudra également modifier celle là je pense

DigiByte n'a jamais été financé par le biais d'un ICO ou d'une quantité importante de DigiByte prémoulées (0% restan)

une ICO [...] Digibyte préminée