Could every one vote on above tweet let's show salamantex they are wrong to choose Libra over DigiByte. Please comment if possible ⬆️⬆️⬆️

Let's hit them hard. Can't believe they have changed tune and now waiting for libra 😆😆

Get everyone to comment 👍👍👍

I would think it silly to choose one or the other out of DigiByte and Libra? For what reason would you need to do that?

Guys between 4 of us in the UK group we are trying to arrange meet ups in Manchester and the surrounding areas plus a couple that maybe a bit furtherWE NEED THE DGB COMMUNITY TO PARTICIPATEThere's no point in promoting dgb if we don't get involved these will be opportunities for YOU as a Community to get INVOLVEDPlease dm me or @dave_cain for details or suggestions

Hey guys. Katie is the latest edition to dgbat core. She runs our Facebook and Instagram. We are getting stronger everyday 💪 literally

Vote for DigiByte

Guys if you want to attend a dgb meet this year in the next couple of months you have till the end of the month July 31st to let me or @dave_cain know if not dates will be set for the meetMust be in the UK
Type its easier

Unintended activation, I should imagine Rob.

Unintended activation, I should imagine Rob.

I get a lot of them in my work there called alarm calls

Please like and Retweet this video to the 4 biggest exchanges we are not listed on yet. 👍💪
Done, hope we get some resonse🤞

I hope so too. It is time for us to build and make new relationships and fix old ones. I’m tired of people saying they don’t care about the price. Most, if not all of us care about the damn price. Let’s build. Today. Not tomorrow. 💪

DigiByte AMA - July 15, 6PM PST (July 16, 1PM NZST)Hi to all the DigiByte supporters, curious newbies, long-term holders, awareness team members, haters, shillers, enthusiasts, twitter-advocates, adoption-pushers and even those who will no doubt be joining us who are part of other blockchain projects. Welcome!I've got a day off work on Tuesday so it's time for another AMA. It's been a whopping 18 months since the last reddit AMA, and it was great fun and we got a lot of awesome info out to people. With our Odocrypt upgrade looking like it's going to be locked in by then and scheduled for a week later, this seems like the perfect opportunity to do another AMA.

What's up DigiFamily:-) Was totally offline for 2 week, on cruise, went to Belize, Mahogany Bay, and Cozumel. I must say it's so nice to not have no cell phone on, no internet, and enjoying real things. Summer is not over, going on another vacation with wife and kids, hope everybody is well.

Please who can I talk to? For I have a very interesting promotional and marketing offer to make this platform meet its targeted audience of potential users. I would appreciate a DM contact for this as well. Thanks.

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Hello guys

Hi cryto Zombie. Thanks for dropping by

Just spoke with Efin exchange why delist dgb there plans are they will relist but have patience
An important message to all users of the DigiByte core wallet and third party services like mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and wallets. The DigiByte network is expecting an important upgrade to version v7.17.2 on the 21th of July 2019. You need to upgrade your DigiByte core wallet before that to make sure you can send and receive DigiByte after the upgrade. If you don't upgrade, you will not be able to send and receive DigiByte until you have upgraded your DigiByte core wallet to v7.17.2. This has been extensively and repeatedly communicated in all channels multiple times in the last few months. Also all mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and third party wallets have been personally informed and on social media multiple times to upgrade in time. There is absolutely no excuse from any party if they they not have upgraded yet. Of course a lot have done so, read here the known ones: Any mining issues and issues with sending and receiving DigiByte to and from third party services must be replied to them directly with the request to upgrade their DigiByte core wallet ASAP. Also be aware that we have changed the RPC calls to BTC Core 0.17 from version 6.17.2. So if you run an older version than v6.17.2, you also need to upgrade the RPC calls: Here is the source for the DigiByte core wallet upgrade to v7.17.2: