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Idk wtf proof of signatures or how the project could possibly achieve what it says it wants to build.

It's a new revolutionary crypto technology.. They have already applied for Patent.. The mainet will launched soon

Its a CryptoCurrency Dude

Already blockchain network is live

Its a CryptoCurrency Dude

Yeah, how they are distributed and secured is pretty important.

Decentralized.. and hybrid security

You can join their Telegram or Discord to know more details about the tech

Thanks but no thanks....why push in here?

Seriously, you don't want me in there.

The first place I looked was GitHub.

Yeah currently they are working on XCiT Desktop version


This is community driven project :)

Sorry seeing only snake oil.

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Hi anyone knows what the best site to buy DGB with credit card?

Pawel Borzym
Hi anyone knows what the best site to buy DGB with credit card?

You can use abra best place to buy digibyte with cards you can use this link to register https://invite.abra.com/Pv4gXQAmm3 Good luck😄

https://bitcoinexchangeguide.com/top-20-best-cryptocurrencies-in-2020/DigiByte #3 and ltc#4
Nice! Named 4th on the top 20

Lol doesn't matter if I got the #number wrong it's the point we were mentioned an in the top 5 of the 20 picked


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Clement R 🇨🇵 (digi-broker.com digiasset market)

More an more government's are starting to realise that they will never beat digital currency and as long as they get there slice of the pie through taxes they will become more open as to them it's free money


Poloniex disabled to digi anyone suggest me what can we do..

Harry Garg
Poloniex disabled to digi anyone suggest me what can we do..

If you have DBG on the exchange withdraw it to a wallet RIGHT NOW

Witch wallet can you tell me

Best wallet is probably the official Digibyte Wallet from the App store (iphone) or Play store (android)

If you want a computer wallet I'm not sure the best option

OK and how can I transfer from exchange to wallet

No I like mobile wallet

I never used Poloniex so I am unsure

If I forgot my digi wallet it's how it's recover

Harry Garg ask all your questions here for the best support - literal blockchain geniuses will help https://t.me/DGBSupport

OK thanks alot dear

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