Reminder:Today is the last day to withdraw #DigiByte from @PoloniexPlease be sure to withdraw your valuable $DGB coins before 17:00 UTC, at which point the wallets will be permanently disabled.

Sorry but that is one ugly shirt

Anthony Snoeck
Sorry but that is one ugly shirt

Lol it's not bad. Does remind me of roadbiker wear a bit.

Honestly, I was thinking Miss World sash?

Not meant to wear anything else, maybe a tiara.

#everyone'saprincess! 😝

Any suggestions for best place to buy DGB directly for Euro? , becose i dondt faund were.
Wanted to let you know I created a DigiByte design in name of The Original Hodl Crew, especially for the community and the hodlers I love the most. You can visit my store here, I hope you guys are as excited as I am. 😊

Thanks guys! Let me know When you ordered one, wanna see how it looks at you

Thanks Masked😊

Jared Tate is going to SatoshiRoundTable

Anyone read Blockchain 2035? I feel compelled to and hope to support Jared Tate like no other and DigiByte like the people's champ of a coin that it is. As long as DigiByte stays true to it's thoughtfully kind and enamored founding principles, I believe the tech is also hardwired in there along with the adaptability and open-mindedness to not just chug blocks, but fluently succeed in Crypto Space for goals like enhanced cybersecurity and data encryption well beyond it's ulterior main purpose of being a ultra-fast ultra-secure UTXO. Go DigiByte! If Ethereum implements Proof-of-Stake, I think it would be an interesting play to consider implementing a Proof-of-Stake algorithm if doable. But that's here nor there. Go DigiByte!

Clothing looks great, good quality... ❤️ Excellent
DigiByte (DGB) Blockchain Project Releases Details About Its Foundation  DigiByte (DGB), the Jared Tate-led distributed ledger technology project (DLT) that claims to be focused on promoting the ethos of blockchain technology with its completely decentralized network, has finished developing a framework for its proposed DigiByte Foundation (DF). The team says the DF... - Read MoreBy: Ogwu Osaemezu Emmanuel___#Altcoin #Cryptocurrency #DGB #Digibyte #DigibyteFoundation
Hello DigiByte Community.The DigiByte Foundation is happy to announce the date and time of their next AMA, to answer all your questions about the DigiByte Foundation!Date: Sunday 16 February 2020Time: 20:00 CET/ 14:00 ESTWhere: Telegram DigiByte Official Discussion:

wanted to get views of long terms holders of DGB, please do let us know

DigiByte has always thrived on bringing developments to life. They need to find a way to put it beneath them to seek funding until the project is complete or full swing. DigiByte get to work and make a POS the best POS and get rewarded in the end with DGB for you to stake out of appreciation. When it's done for what you have built. I would find it in my ❤️ to donate a few DGB for the cause of it if you're on a Ramen diet, but that's my 2 sats.

<— Doesn't know what kind of budget or manpower it will take, just has 2 sats.

When I was a boy, they said if you want something there is the door, get out there, go to work, make something for yourself... my mode of transportation had 2 wheels and pedals. I wish you the best luck so it was a Yes from me cuz I'm sure others are in a more philanthropic mood than me.