The Blockchain 2035 eBook is out! Blockchain 2035 is the first book of its kind, written by Jared Tate, founder of the DigiByte blockchain and Andrew Knapp, a former intelligence analyst. These two perspectives address both the technical and political impacts that this technology will have and how it will be pivotal in the broader world.Inspired by the hundreds of questions and common misconceptions in the blockchain industry Blockchain 2035 is steering the conversation and providing insights into the exciting opportunities for our technological future.Everyone who pre-ordered should have received an email with a download link. There are three formats available, PDF, ePub and mobi format. Hardcovers will ship as soon as the first print run is completed next week. If you haven't order it yet, you can order here:
why not?

Because it would be a waste of time, wouldn't get consensus from existing miners and would fail to achieve what you hope it would. If it ever happens, it will be for smaller share if DGB in an attempt to keep the community decentralised.

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Abra enables deposits and withdrawals for DigiByte.You can now deposit, hold & withdraw DigiByte on Abra.It’s not synthetic as it was previously, so users can now genuinely hold DigiByte.In the new app release, Abra users will see a lot more new features, like no trading pair limitations, doubled US bank limits, international bank wires and new price
DigiByte is now added on Binance’s Trust Wallet.Trust Wallet is a secure, open source, decentralized and anonymous wallet application.The company has built a reputation for security and has held itself to the guiding principles that it will never access user wallets, hold private keys, and ask for personal information.

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Clement R 🇨🇵
its like staking. you put your digibyte in something Alive. In 1 year you earn 40k DGB

300$)))! But putting 2.000$! )))! I don’t have time to monitor, just hold it’s enough for me! Anyways I’m buying every week for 450$, around 65k dgb! 40k in one year puffff long long long time to wait)))! Thanks for explanation bro🙏🙏🙏🙏! I really appreciate! I’m still waiting to get back my ICX from staking! 10 days, but I needed week ago, and I’m still waiting for unstake

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New Masternode asset on digibroker if anyone's interested, payouts approximately once a month. Feel free to join our telegram @DigiAssetsMasterNode
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U re happy now lol price goes to zero ?

DGB is busy tackling extremely serious world cyber security issues and saving BTC from getting rekt by difficulty bombs at the same time. While whales are apparently favoring ICOs with probably less ambition in them than they started with and even less to show for it of which many are just seriously aspiring to be a social media tipping platform and getting bigger market caps. I hope DGB devs can seize the day.

Generally we avoid much of it at DigiByte by not having key figures pushing anything just for a possible up swing in price. The main reason I tell people to try and get DGB as cheaply as possible and not be in a rush to push the price up, is because there are big players with lots of DigiByte, that apparently seem to be here for no other reason than to suppress and control us