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One blockchain, depending on how many nodes it has, can be secure enough for most processes. However, V-ID has decided that there is even greater security in numbers and is able to offer a combination of more than one blockchain providing many thousands of nodes. The digital fingerprint of the AmSpec reports will be stored on the Ethereum, LTO Network and DigiByte blockchains.According to Marnix: “Our platform can automatically anchor the unique fingerprint in multiple blockchains. The service is GDPR-compliant as privacy is always one of our focuses. V-ID provides easy access to public, hybrid and permissioned blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DigiByte, LTO Network and Hyperledger.”

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Does digibyte has any mining algorithmic advantages over bitcoin and litecoin?

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Val B
So I'm a small fish with almost one million DGB )

10 thousand bitcoin was a small fish just a few years ago, today 10 thousand btc and you're whale. Time and price can change perspective drastically

Luis Polanco
Hey guys, I'm holding dbg since March of current year where I bought 385k DGB at 350sats per dbg, today 75sats almost 80% value lost. I'm loosing hope, what is happening here. Restore my hopes in this project please

Altcoin market is bottoming my friend a lot of fud and fear is happening right now making you want to sell, but remember what was happening with Bitcoin when it went down to 3200, same thing is happening now with Digibyte

'Binance Will Be Shut Down in 12 Months' Warns Bitcoin SV’s Calvin Ayre

Not sure, but the majority definitely seem to think Jan-April of 2021 is when it will launch. I think it's all the "experts" saying Bitcoin might boom again by end of 2020, them alt season?