Bitcoins miner fee cost so much here in the Philippines.

Almost gone broke sendong bitcoin to exchange.

i had 5 bitcoins once, traded them all for alts haha

Im just looking for alternative to buy. Bitcoin is out of my budget

Don't buy Bitcoin then now :P

This is what DGB has added in the last month, I am sure there are more, can't even keep track actually lol: Buyucoin BuyUcoin | India's first multi cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange, Buy and sell ... Buy, sell & exchange Crytocurrency – Bitcoin (btc), Ethereum (eth), ripple (xrp), Bitcoin cash (bcc), litecoin (ltc), neo (NEO), dash, omisego, nem, l...

“The word must be heard” it’s all about promotion and the “law of circulation” We are going to let people know first. They can use it as “liquid digital cash” second as a savings portal that can potentially gain massive amounts of compounding interest. And third a retirement digital savings account There are over 2 billion people on planet earth that don’t even have a bank account. But they have a phone and the can afford 1/4 of a cent for s transaction. Unlike #Bitcoin 🤭 You may not know who I am right now but you soon will..;) Not my first rodeo. Ha ha

Just got the Rumor That John Mcafee Also Mentioned DGB as a Strong, High Potential Coin. and only for That Reason #DGB is Pumping like Hell As He Mentioned about #XVG in His Earlier Tweet and after That Tweet #XVG Blew Away and Now #DGB John Mcafee Founder of McAfee Associates Big Boy in BITCOIN Mining and Other Crypto Currencies. Having 160K Followers on Twitter

DGB is great Asset, Grandpa Bitcoin can fork and mutate , won't be as good as Digibyte

Jacob Brutman
I suppose, but would be even better if it was $0.05 right now and only 21 million available. Think of that growth 😃

that makes no sense, in that same light you can say : wouldnt it be better that a bitcoin was 1 dollar, so i can buy 10000 bitcoins!

Please retweet and like, Open Bazaar is the ebay of crypto online market place and right now they use bitcoin as the primary method of payment, we need to get them to add digibyte as the primaary coin
Guys please retweet and like as you know Steam Games is no longer accepting bitcoin as a payment method attributing its decision was based on cryptocurrency’s high fees. that’s where Digibyte can come in and solve their problem by offering, faster speeds, low fees, and better security

Happy New Year Guys ! If you have not done so please retweet and like. Steam recently stop accepting bitcoin due to high fees and digibye can be the perfect replacement

I think people start to realise its enorm potential to be the future fast bitcoin etc etc

The Chinese government is moving to shut down Chinese bitcoin miners. Because of the fact 81% of all BTC are mined in China and the two week difficulty bug in Bitcoin the bitcoin blockchain can freeze for days weeks or months if that hash rate is shut off right away.

DigiByte Sleeping Giant In 2018 ? 👀📈 DigiByte (DGB) - $0.10 +10.00%✅ Market Cap - $982,855,273 Circulating Supply - 9,688,171,135 Max Supply - 21,000,000,000 I love this project for many reasons, we will keep it simple and I’ll point just a few reason that DigiByte is one of the best long term investments in the crypto markets for 2018 and beyond. DigiByte is a digital currency similar to Bitcoin that was originally created to fill in the technical problems and gaps that Bitcoin left as we’ve seen with increased transaction fees, slower transaction speeds, and the ridiculous amount of energy required to mine Bitcoin due to network congestion. Established Project 📆 * DigiByte team has been dedicated since day 1. * DigiByte was created and started on January 10, 2014 (4+ Years) * Positive and welcoming community that has steadily saw growth as the project has continued to grow and keep investors happy. Mining Breakdown ⛏ * DigiByte uses a total of 5 separate mining algorithms that are equally weighted in the system using a process called Multishield (Upgraded version of the prior DigiShield) Easy To Use 💻 - I currently use the Google Chrome DGB Wallet and it’s fantastic. The transactions are smooth and seamless and it’s very secure giving you your own private keys. - They announced that Apple has just verified their beta release of the iOS wallet app. I currently hold 3,500 DigiByte coins and am planning on HODLing these for a good while. Definitely a promising project and the solution to a huge problem in the digital payments sector regarding speed and efficiency.

#Updates for those who don't know. Multiply reasons, to understand the valuability of DigiByte as a Project and its Development stage. 1. DigiByte blockchain offers cross - blockchain transactions, light networking with #DGB-Speed, fast and secure. #FastBitcoin equals #DigiByte 2. #DigiShield/MultiShield Protection being used by many alt-coins to protect their mining pools 3. #MultiAlgo ASCI, CPU, GPU 4. #DishHash the allowance of 5 mining Algos ( Many successfull assets in the market helped via DigiByte so far) These are Sha256 (ASIC ), Scrypt (ASIC ), Groestl (GPU ), Skein (GPU ), Qubit (ASIC ). Real time difficult adjustment every minute! 5. DigiByte Blockchain 4.5+ million blocks, going on 4 years active development 6. DGB #SegWit via #DigiSync v6.14.2 7. #DigiuSign Blockchain based esignatures suppored by #DigiByteBlockchain - recognized so far in City Contest and Awarded by Clifford Chance, one of the world's pre-eminent law firms. 8. #Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System - DigiByte Market 9. DigiByte #Wallets Windows/Mac/iOs/Chrome 10. #DigiByteTIp Blockchain Currency 11. Advanced Developer Platform 12. #Artificial Intelligence Projects (Emma, AI) 13. DGB #Foundation up and running 14. Conferences/Events 15. Lots Suprises in the uture projects/interviews/gaming... 16. Volume increase in the market/people recognise DigiByte potentials 17. Future partnerships across the Globe - #ecommerce- being used in real world 18. Expansion #corporate Partnerships 19. Korean exchanges on its way and #Asia focus on DigiByteCoin - Already marketing team has made so many improments and DigiByte has been added to many exchanges around the world. 20. #Community supportive & growing 21. The only crypto that recently participated on @City Tech as a finalist!...Everyone that supports blockchain/cryptocurrencies/cryptos should show understanding and respect all efforts DigiByte Team and Jared has made so far. 22.DigiByteCoin a digital asset with potentials and used in Global scale. 23. Digi messenger, An innovative and secure messaging app built on top of DigiByte that is being prototyped. 24. DigiByte DigiSeeder, A background seeding service to make sure all wallets rapidly find other peers on the network 25. DigiByte DigiMan, An innovative web browser being built to utilize many aspects of the security of the DigiByte Blockchain. 26. DigiByte Playground, an interactive javascript sandbox for developers to learn how to build on top of DigiByte. 27.Great Supportive Community, this is a key to success for every asset in crypto world! - many of "others" come in here to show envy and express jealously for DigiByte success, Development and Community! We focus on our Development and we ignore all haters. In conclusion - @Jared Tatte the Founder of DigiByte - That person has been in the front line for years now, making decisions, attending confferences, meet new people and potential partners, supporting and developing projects and all that by risking his own reputation, I bet you all #DYOR before questioning the future of DigiByte. All his efforts much appreciated, without Jared, nobody would be here; talking about DigiByte. Appreciate, Respect , Believe & Support DigiByte Blockchain #Thanks

If you haven’t heard by now Stripe world’s largest developer-oriented commerce company stopped accepting Bitcoin as web and mobile payment due to high fees. It’s time for us to capitalize on this change now. Please RETWEET .

IMPORTANT UPDATE! Josiah DGB Ambassador is doing a facebook live to 8,500 member Blockchain Enthusiasts group on DGB tomorrow. The person who runs this group Tinashe is a DGB investor who reached out to us on this and this is great exposure! This is a big deal for massive marketing exposure for DGB. Want to thank Josiah also known as Chilling Science, @ycagel to helping set this up. Please promote, share, on all social media channels, including all groups, reditt, Bitcoin Talk. We have a great community!!!

Hey guys, just chatting to a guy installing a bitcoin machine. He’s adding some altcoins as an option. I suggested DGB :)

My friends be vigilant , Wall Street is trying to influence crypto with their own credit ratings. Weak hands will get rekt. Just look at bitcoin rating and you know this is bullshit LoL

The Bitcoin pendant is $1500 ish so I'm guessing digi around the same price

"Starbucks founder Howard Schultz sees a “trusted” cryptocurrency coming…but it won’t be bitcoin." We need to bring knowledge of DigiByte to Howard, because that trusted crypto he talks about, that will come one day, is already right here!

There are a lot of DGB tweets under #Bitcoin and they arn't all P&D scam tweet! This is great to see!

If you watch NFL you should know who Richard Sherman is one of the best Defensive Player in the game and a very popular one. Apparently he is a Bitcoin fan let make him a #Digibyte fan his got a lot of followers Please retweet and live

March-june altc times, july-dec bitcoin bull

#DigiByte community lets all have some fun time. As we all know, Steam Games has very recent announced that they will not support bitcoin anymore! Steam is still on the hunt to replace bitcoin payments and I personaly believe #DigiByteCoin has all the solutions towards "high fees and volatility" - DigiByte offers the best security and speed with extremely "low fees" RT- Support and forward with your own messages to @steam_games & @SteamDB

Bitcoin is currently down at $7,940 on the day so far after UK high-street bank Lloyds banned all cryptocurrency payments on its credit cards. The ban extends to other household names in the banking giant's credit card family including Bank of Scotland, Halifax and MBNA.  Wallet holders would have been hoping for a better start to the week but news of another mainstream finance firm being spooked by price volatility and regulatory threats means that other credit cards retailers around the world will be studying the fallout from Lloyds' ban. The Lloyds group has over eight million credit card customers and the ban stems from the fear that customers began buying cryptocurrencies to make a quick profit in the run-up to Christmas

The iOS wallet is coming soon, with that you can store and recover multiple wallets offline and online based on a 12 word mnemonic recovery phrase, just like bread app for bitcoin. Also an Android version is coming. Alternatives: exodus (also currently beta) And possible jaxx in the future?

Looking at Bitcoin Charts it looks like it wants to drop one more time

Bitcoin didnt break resistance lol

The video comparing digibyte to Litecoin was good. There's one thing that no one seems to have covered. Both Bitcoin and Litecoin have the possibility of endless Forks diluting there share of the market. It seems like digbite having five different mining algorithms makes it impervious to a fork is that correct

So in my mind did you buy is better than Bitcoin and Litecoin because it's less likely to be forked

with all the bitcoin forks...there are more bitcoins in existence than ltc

We can buy/sell DigiByte on vebitcoin Turkey Exchange, pair DGB/TRY

Why this mfkers don’t request additional info from bitcoin?

Val D Wal.
Why this mfkers don’t request additional info from bitcoin?

That was my point directly to them in chat. "Who is filling this out for bitcoin? Litecoin? dogecoin?

digibyte blockchain ver.2.6.pdf
update : new Exchanges Carbonel, Coinmonkey, Tradebytrade , Vebitcoin