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Dove Wallet. .We opened new cryptocurrency wallet, exchange service.Dove provide DGB as a key currency to trade.It means you can exchange directly from DGB to any other currencies.You can check here:

FYR, Cryptopia exchange resume trading of DigiByte.

What is #Digibyte's Greatest Feature or Asset? Please check out my latest blog entry as I try to make a case for my Top 3 #DigibytEric #WeAreNotBots
Not sure you read this but great article here:-) to Crypto Adam is doing a great job 😃👍
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I am the part of the community I just want people around to learn more.. mainstreaming should be the aim!

Amen. We would love to hear about what you would like to learn. We are creating short videos now. Can you let up know about what crypto topics are interesting to you?

Please like and retweet if you can. It would be good to get our coin noticed on other crypto shows and articles. 👍

Crypto reporter. Please retweet and like this tweet. #top10

First episode of DigiByte Crypto School. If you have an idea or concept to tell crypto beginners in under 200 words. Go for it and DM me. Hope you like it. 👍 -Amon

Hahaha I just realized my sister @Crypto_Lisa is in here.🤣 I follow that girl everywhere

Crypto diamond made this for Jon Moore and our boots on the ground campaign
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Wow is right:-) The future ahead is very bright as well for DGB

It’s only a matter of time. It would be good to have some more competent and new faces talking about DigiByte on crypto YouTube shows.

It’s only a matter of time. It would be good to have some more competent and new faces talking about DigiByte on crypto YouTube shows.

Crypto currently is a great YouTuber to support. He’s our official news caster. I’ve been so busy but I do plan on starting a channel as well. The guys that started changeangel will start interviews within the next week. Yes we need more voices, faces representing dgb. I totally agree

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They run a meetup in Atlanta with 3600 members

This is the "key" Laura, not going after the crypto crowd that are tribal in other coins, go after the other 99% not in Crypto, that is the market. Institional Money, companies such as Block30 is going to help us do that with DGB in the Block 3.

discovernow digibyte
until they don't. Most scammers think they can get away with it until they don't. It takes years to investigate some cases, but once they got a hook, people start talking, and than it goes down

Hope so. The space needs some clean thinking. Crypto and decentralization was, like the internet in the beginning, all about freedom and collaboration instead of profits and greed. Yes, I admit that greed fuels the adaptation, to some extent. But Bitfinex, Tether and binance greed just seems too much

Personally, although I don't have access to this group because I don't feel I can reliably contribute, for personal reasons, I'm quite happy to judge them on results and I know it's better to keep it like it is, rather than publicly discuss things, not always amongst friends, if you get my drift.

You are always welcome to contribute positively to DigiByte, no matter how small or big your contribution is! You can talk about it with your neighbor, or get your local merchant or favorite web shop to accept crypto/DigiByte. Or you can tweet about it. Or tag DigiByte stickers. You don’t have to be a cider to contribute!

Let’s stay positive and classy while that exchange has issues. We have no need for spite. The crypto world heard our truth and they are starting to believe it. Please like and retweet #top10

As the “biggest” crypto exchange

Discount code "changeangel" on for 20% ticket sales. with this link!

Episode 2 of DigiByte Crypto School

Hey guys, I emailed them, but for those on twitter please hit them up on twitter as well like to talk to them about DGB:

DigiAssets is a secure, scalable secondary layer on top of the global DigiByte blockchain that allows for the decentralized issuance of assets, tokens, smart contracts, digital identity and much more. DigiAssets can be used to securely and cryptographically represent anything we find in the physical world around us. From tangible assets such as real estate, airplanes, boats or cars, through to scarce digital pieces of art and music. Signed documents such as wills, deeds, purchase orders, medical bills and advertisement data and info can be protected as DigiAssets.DigiAssets as an ecosystem and platform already has interested parties either planning on or currently building platforms in real estate, finance, remittance, identity, point of sale, racing, trade, healthcare, supply chain, government and more.DigiAssets leverages unique aspects of a truly decentralized blockchain only found within a permissionless blockchain like DigiByte that have never been publicly discussed in most blockchain circles. This allows DigiAssets to be more secure, scalable and decentralized than any other platform yet seen in the market.

This is a tweet to Brian from coinbase. I am asking nicely to be listed. Please like and retweet. I am asking the community to do the same. Let’s keep it classy and refrain from going into a negative place. Our POWER is our numbers and passion. Let’s do this and please keep it POSITIVE!
Good job Amon. We do have a good relationship with Coinbase, the problem is our 2 contacts Amy who I met at MIT when Jared spoke, and Balaji who became my contact at Coinbase who was reviewing our listing both left the company. Little history here:Tue, Sep 25, 2018 at 6:21 PM wrote:Hello Brian, Balaji,Just a note, we submitted DGB today with you guys: https://listing.coinbase.comLooking forward to a long term relationship!Thanks, Jim‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Original Message ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐On Thursday, September 13, 2018 10:50 PM, Brian Armstrong wrote:Hi Jim,I'm connecting you to Balaji who owns this.--Brian ArmstrongCo-founder and CEOCoinbaseSan Francisco, CA, USACoinbase | ListingApply to list your asset on Coinbase, the safest and easiest-to-use platform to buy, sell, store, and use cryptocurrency.[Photo]

Crypto School Episode 3: Securing Digital Assets

Be sure to watch our own Josiah interviewed by Crypto Wendy on Friday!

Like and Retweet please. It’s time for us to attract people outside of the DigiByte and crypto circles. 🙏 Tomorrow New Commercial

Question, how would you store a large amount of cryptocurrency?

So if I am right, if you buy crypto and send it to your Ledger address the coins will be linked to your seed? That makes sense, because if the device is broken all your coins will be gone too.

DigiByte Unlimited Network Crypto School. What do miners do?

Crypto school channel

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