Will the DGB ios & android wallets store other crypto too?

@ReaperSleeper next target is awesome! PundiX is new tech company which helps to adopt crypto payments for shops. They made special terminals for it and its actually works. They got the vision and the technology for it! Go show some support so they can recognise us! Feel free to tweet them too!
cryptocurrency mobile Multi-wallet and exchange with auto coin swap and zero fee transactions. Android version, iOS coming soon
Siraj is a great guy he is into a lots of intresting things including crypto and his youtube followers loves him(310k youtube subs). Please show some support, so maybe he will notice us!:) thanks lescovex DIGIBYTE (DGB) is going to be listed on Lescovex exchange. We include $DGB in our platform along with other cryptos, assets, commodities & fiat! https... [Photo] discovernow digibyteadmin 5 fiat pairs:-) It appears they are partnered with an established forex company and have a legite TOS Wikipedia Kantox Kantox is a UK based multinational "FinTech" company that offers foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions for corporate clients.... Spanish Team Wikipedia Kantox Kantox is a UK based multinational "FinTech" company that offers foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions for corporate clients.... Wikipedia Kantox Kantox is a UK based multinational "FinTech" company that offers foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions for corporate clients.... 👍👍👍👍 Wikipedia Kantox Kantox is a UK based multinational "FinTech" company that offers foreign currency exchange and international payment solutions for corporate clients.... This could be a future monster:-) It does appear this will be a legit exchange company, the Forex partner that has been around since 2011 announced this: Kantox Kantox signs a collaboration agreement with Lescovex Digital Assets Kantox will manage the currency exchanges of this Swiss Exchange, based on Blockchain technology and the smart contracts established through Ethereum. The signed a real deal with this exchanges and the Kantox forex exchange has been around since 2011 and does billions in forex so if they really bing DGB to USD, JPY trading.. .thats awesome
Cryptotos FiGhter
Btc is death and dgbyte come to change lol☺️

I impressed with you literally you holding your emotions greatly ,appreciate but btc death assure many coin death and cryptocurrency market also in many way..😂

Big guys all over the world are manipulating together. They know most people in crypto are young. So alot of weak hands will sell

Today, Abra announced support for 20 cryptocurrencies (one of them DigiByte) and 50 fiat currencies in a new version of our mobile app that includes a real-time exchange service across all 70 currencies. Users around the world can now buy, sell or store any of these 70 currencies within the Abra app and exchange between them at any time with no limitations. Abra is now the only all-in-one smartphone app in the world with these capabilities.

Abra gives you investment exposure to cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies without actually holding the physical currency.

Gdax is the exchange you should look for

Currently use Cryptopia, it has a bad rap but I've never had an issue yet.

Very good. We are crypto and not money making gamble products

I am not felling the burn with crypto... really

We Dip 80-90% then we might be at the bottom. Happened the last 2 big pull backs in Crypto

A friend of mine was also there and he contacted me today , because he knows im into crypto and sayed I should take a look into DGB, it's such a amazing project and I should definitely invest. Told him I hold DGB for a year now and his joy was gone, he was like wtf, why did you never tell me...😂😂😂 #dgb4ever

Hahaha beste naam, had ik maar geluk in deze crypto wereld 😂

Dgb team, remember.... with all the good news still to come this year, plse release it during the crypto bull run to come and not beforehand 😁👍🏻, 2018 is going to b rocking space wild 😜

Another exchange added DGB: Digibyte live on Cryptohub Argentina exchange, pair trading DGB/BTC

But I feel this year will be big for crypto

Pankaj Kumar

If u held through the worst month in crypto in recorded history... you are the MAN. If u added more DGB during it...respect

Johan(not giving away free bitconnect) Grobbelaar 🇿🇦
Was he also invited to MIT?

what is your point? he has built 2 successful blockchains and applicators. Steemit and Bitshares. some of the most used (transactions per day) the biggest crypto exchange bitfinex has announced they are launching a decentralised exchange (eosfinex) on it they have a new ico model that gets around regulations (airdropped tokens and venture capital funding) multi million dollar venture capital funding partnerships like Mike Novogratz's and Eric Schmidt. he is a true stand out humble man of integrity with strong libertarian values... it is his life mission to provide free market solutions to securing life liberty and property. he gets things done. who else has built 2 successful blockchain applications?

discovernow If you guys met the Coinbase people at MIT and had some nice talks with them I wonder if the DGB foundation could get some financial help help through their new Ventures fonds

Coinbase CEO said they won't invest in crypto's that could be on there exchange because conflict of interest. I understand that, because if they did they would get in big trouble

The hardest part of this Crypto industry is dealing with these inexperienced kids, who feel entitled, blame other's.

Bittrex: 0.00000384 BTC| $0.03 Vol: 92,917,894 DGB | 348 BTC Low: 0.00000363 | High: 0.00000387 24h change: 1.32% ▲ Poloniex: 0.00000382 BTC | $0.03 Vol: 33,196,518 DGB | 124 BTC Low: 0.00000365 | High: 0.00000388 24h change: 1.06% ▲ Cryptopia: 0.00000386 BTC | $0.03 Vol: 1,853,114 DGB | 6 BTC Low: 0.00000367 | High: 0.00000386 24h change: 4.04% ▲

I see crypto surpassing .com bubble of $10 T by far.

Depends of adoption...15 is doable in 5 years if crypto keeps expanding.

Once all the ‘fake’ icos are flushed out of the system, money will flow in to the real cryptos

This is the beginning of the era of cryptocurrency in 10 years it may be usual to use them daily

Devon C. 🌐
Who cares YOU are our marketing team. We are all responsible for marketing

If you search burty my username on the cryptocompare dgb forum page you will see that I always back dgb. Where I can but if we are being told Tom is marketing for us then he doesn't that gives the feeling of being lied to

Help DigiByte grow by retweeting, liking & comment why DigiByte should be listed Zebpay India's leading bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange.

#DigiByteUpdates Multiply reasons, is good to know and understand the valuability of DigiByte as a Blockchain - capable to build on top multiple "Services" and current Development Projects on going. 1. DigiByte blockchain offers cross - blockchain transactions, light networking with #DGB-Speed, fast and secure. #DigiByte is described in two words as #FasterBitcoin 2. #DigiShield/MultiShield Protection being used by many alt-coins to protect their mining pools 3. #MultiAlgo ASIC, CPU, GPU 4. #DigiHash the allowance of 5 mining Algos ( Many successfull assets in the market helped via DigiByte so far) These are Sha256 (ASIC ), Scrypt (ASIC ), Groestl (GPU ), Skein (GPU ), Qubit (ASIC ). Real time difficult adjustment every minute! 5. DigiByte Blockchain 6.5+ million blocks, going on 4 years active development 6. DGB #SegWit via #DigiSync v6.14.2 7. #DigiuSign Blockchain based esignatures suppored by #DigiByteBlockchain - recognized so far in City Contest and Awarded by Clifford Chance, one of the world's pre-eminent law firms. 8. #Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System - DigiByte aims Market Global Adoption 9. DigiByte #Wallets Windows/Mac/iOs/Chrome/Linux/3rd Parties " Coinomi, Ledger, Trezor, Exodus" 10. #DigiByteTIp Blockchain Currency 11. Advanced Developer Platform 12. #Artificial Intelligence Projects (Emma, AI) 13. DGB #Foundation / DGB Promote 14. Conferences/Events 15. Lots Suprises in the future projects/interviews/ gaming... 16. Volume increase in the market/people recognise DigiByte potentials 17. Future partnerships across the Globe - #ecommerce- being used in real world 18. Expansion #corporate Partnerships 19. Korean exchanges on its way and #Asia focus on DigiByteCoin - Already marketing team has made so many improments and DigiByte has been added to many exchanges around the world. 20. #Community actively, stronger and growing and the support is increasing, on individual and common projects. Thank you! 21. The only crypto that recently participated on @City Tech as a finalist!...Everyone that supports blockchain/cryptocurrencies/cryptos should show understanding and respect all efforts DigiByte Team and Jared has made so far. 22.DigiByteCoin a digital asset (currency) with potentials and used in Global scale. 23. Digi messenger, An innovative and secure messaging app built on top of DigiByte that is being prototyped. 24. DigiByte DigiSeeder, A background seeding service to make sure all wallets rapidly find other peers on the network 25. DigiByte DigiMan, An innovative web browser being built to utilize many aspects of the security of the DigiByte Blockchain. 26. DigiByte Playground, an interactive javascript sandbox for developers to learn how to build on top of DigiByte. 27.Great Supportive Community, this is a key to success for every asset in crypto world! - many of "others" come in here to show envy and express jealously for DigiByte success, Development and Community! We focus on our Development and we ignore all haters. In conclusion - @Jared Tate the Founder of DigiByte - That person has been in the front line for years now, making decisions, attending confferences, meet new people and potential partners, supporting and developing projects and all that by risking his own reputation, I bet you all #DYOR before questioning the future of DigiByte. All his efforts much appreciated, without Jared, nobody would be here; talking about DigiByte. We can all become anything we want in Decentralised blockchain like DigiByte. "copy of my post some time ago" Things can change at any time, so I would really advice to everyone in our community and new members who are joining DigiByte; If you really want to have some sort of resposibility and maximize your investment go out on different sources and express your passion your enthusiasm about DigiByte. Help people understand about DigiByte. Become productive! Appreciate, Respect , Believe & Support DigiByte Blockchain #ThankYouDigiByteCommunity

litepal is in some capacity involved with #DigiByte & DigiByte Foundation. LitePal is a free platform and service for merchants and buyers to transact without the clutter and complexity that would otherwise be associated with accepting, sending, or receiving cryptocurrency. #Lltepal #DigiByte 제휴 소식! LitePal은 가맹점 및 소비자가 암호화폐를 통해 거래함에 있어서 복잡함없이 거래 할 수있는 무료 플랫폼 및 서비스입니다. #BIG NEWS

#DigiByteCommunity ~ The beauty of DigiByte #Blockchain All those years in #DigiByteCommunity have been in touch with lots of people everyone with common target, the focus and our support of DigiByte blockchain technology. #DigiByte is a decentralize network, that allows anyone to get involved and be proactive within that network - has been 4 years plus now, ...there are number of individuals and members in crypto-space & DigiByte community, lots of personal contributers and great skillful developers working together and implementing new things for DigiByte - use of new platforms.... I am very exciting and positive for 2018 projects of #DigiByte Thank you Community - DigiByte is Everyone Greatful, for your support so far #respect

Weiss Ratings (@WeissRatings) Tweeted: #GoldmanSachs ex-president Cohn says: World will have 1 global cryptocurrency, but it won't be #Bitcoin. If so, which one do you think it will be? #crypto #cryptocurrency #btc #altcoin #altcoins #DigiByte #EOS #XRP #Ripple #TRON #XVG #DGB

What he wants is a centralised crypto under Banksters control. Crypto currency point is to not be under Banksters control. So I think he does not get it.

@JoeKaeser talking #Cybersecurity on @markets @business @Siemens need look no further than #DIGIBYTE #secure your future with the most secure #blockchain on the entire #cryptocurrency network @jaredctate @dgb_chilling @PatWielandLIVE @simonandi @Nasdaq

Because it will destroy the other crypto. Haha I just thought it would look cool.