reason DASH went up... twice this year & is again now... the ASIC's they are making larger stronger better machines to hash the algo x11 They literally went from a 900 mh device (which caused 1st run this year) to Bitmain just releasing a 15 GH that's over 20x the hash in 1 device hence the run up here recently

This is what DGB has added in the last month, I am sure there are more, can't even keep track actually lol: Buyucoin BuyUcoin | India's first multi cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange, Buy and sell ... Buy, sell & exchange Crytocurrency – Bitcoin (btc), Ethereum (eth), ripple (xrp), Bitcoin cash (bcc), litecoin (ltc), neo (NEO), dash, omisego, nem, l...

Youtubers: •jsnip4 —-> very active with his community, lots of live and he is in the 3 amigos with Clif High! Very good target •Crypto Crow •Clif High •Crypto Bobby •Crypto Investor •Crypto Oracle •Crypto Coin News •Crypto Daily •DataDash —> I think somebody sent this guy a few days ago bc he already made a video about us called the hodlers digimarines or something like that •Crypto Love •Suppoman •Crypt0 •Ian Balina •Doug Polk Just a few bigger one all 80-180k. The best way is to leave pro comments about the tech, but if you dont want to spend to much time, just be creative and write something catchy and try to encourage the reader to do some research. Highlighting the community is always good, beside anything imo. And more thing we should use the 1 general hashtag everywhere in our comments imo, what makes the whole thing round. What do u think guys? Ideas? Lets roll!

Welcome to the Digibyte June update, this will be following up information from the May update, and news going forward. Congratulations and thank you to all the time foundation members have put in time and the team of amazing volunteers for getting digibyte on these recent exchanges, and other developments below! New exchanges You can now buy and sell DGB in Korea on Okcoinkr! Check it out here Digibyte is now available on DX Here is some information about the Nasdaq powered Crypto Exchange Thank you to Rudy, Dereck, and the Digibyte awareness team for this! Official announcement - Rudy Twitter link - The recent partnership with Blocknet and the truly decentralized exchange they have designed and built is news that is by far the most exciting thing to happen to Digibyte recently!! This is about announcing we can trade $DGB on BlockDX a pure decentralized exchange The next large announcement that come with this partnership means Digibyte is now ready for cross-blockchain Dapps on The Blocknet! Imagine the new dApp possibilities Dgb will have because of interoperability via Blocknet Protocol !! Please read up on this and how big of an opportunity this creates for Digibyte and future Developers - The new partnership with General bytes allows Digibyte ATM access all over the world!! Here is a map of all ATMs around the world Digibyte will be at Buy Digibyte with 14+ Fiat currencies on BitIt including USD, EUR, KRW, JPY across 50+ countries on BitIT - Link - You can now buy $DGB with $NZD on http://EasyCrypto.NZ ! #DGB #DigiByte The Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex Inc. announced that it has structured banking deals that will provide select customers the ability to trade in U.S. dollars – a step that may help the exchange increase its user engagement and enhance the entire space. Development Wallets - Guarda has now integrated digibyte on their web-based Wallet and mobile Android wallet now out!! - Here is the offical link The website and release went off with a boom! The developer bounty to have digi id integrated into the mobile wallets is complete. a spanish news website is adopting digi-id and a plugin for WHMCS, as well as implementing it for others and their customers is out! The open-source plugin is available here: “DigiID is to also be FIDO compliant and bind to the TLS layer so it doesn’t need to be a zero sum game like these people seem to be advocating.” This would allow Digi-ID to compete against facebook to login to different websites as an authentication method. Here is an excellent animated video for an overall overview of the Digital ID technology - CoinTippy is a tipping platform which you can use as a wallet. Currently these currencies are supported: DGB, BTC, LTC, ZEC, DASH. There are couple of unique features like transferring funds between social accounts (atm it works with Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and Twitch) ( If you get a donation as a streamer on Twitch, you can re-send it to your viewers or send it to someone via Twitter :) Feel free to reach out and ask any questions about these projects.