One blockchain, depending on how many nodes it has, can be secure enough for most processes. However, V-ID has decided that there is even greater security in numbers and is able to offer a combination of more than one blockchain providing many thousands of nodes. The digital fingerprint of the AmSpec reports will be stored on the Ethereum, LTO Network and DigiByte blockchains.According to Marnix: “Our platform can automatically anchor the unique fingerprint in multiple blockchains. The service is GDPR-compliant as privacy is always one of our focuses. V-ID provides easy access to public, hybrid and permissioned blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, DigiByte, LTO Network and Hyperledger.”

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Do we get more informations regarding DigiByte Veritas?It's hard to imagine what it exactly is or should be.Just a name for a partnership, a new feature build on top of DGB, made with Digiassets, etc... Is someone already developing something therfore, estimated release date etc...

AmSpec x V-ID Entering Oil & Gas sector with a global heavyweight! AmSpec will be one of the very few companies in its sector to sensibly apply state of the art blockchain technology. From now on, the V-ID blockchain tech will protect the AmSpec values against falsified reports; any report can now be verified whether it’s an original, or a copy. The digital fingerprint of the AmSpec reports will be stored on the Ethereum, LTO Network and DigiByte blockchains.

I’m starting a meetup in Pittsburgh. A really cool member of their east coast team is there and I think we can do some fun stuff together.

Bitcoin and Bcash have been reinstated to twitch. Please retweet and like this tweet that supports DigiByte and Litecoin being added as well. Together we are stronger. 💪

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Guys if you haven't already please update an check on digibytewiki to see if your exchange is listed for the upgrade if not please send them a support ticket

Guys between 4 of us in the UK group we are trying to arrange meet ups in Manchester and the surrounding areas plus a couple that maybe a bit furtherWE NEED THE DGB COMMUNITY TO PARTICIPATEThere's no point in promoting dgb if we don't get involved these will be opportunities for YOU as a Community to get INVOLVEDPlease dm me or @dave_cain for details or suggestions

Sure he mentioned something about DigiByte! 😂

The award will be the price in 10 20 30 years from now

I was thinking, maybe a button that says something like... impervious to market forces. 😂

Please can the whole DGB community on here retweet this A very valid reason and to prove a point towards something I cannot say. Hopefully it helps DigiByte cause . Stronger together

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200DGB per asset, and guarantee a buy back of 190DGB on 1 January 2021. The ultimate hodl, and getting ur stuff off exchanges

Why should someone want to give out 200DGB to get back 190DGB later.Better to leave it in cold storage then. Or I am missing something