Jared Tate, blockchain expert and the founder of DigiByte. However, Tate also notes that many of the current resource sharing platforms are PR projects that will never scale. “The majority of projects out there won’t be around in 5 years. Most of the projects don’t even have working software, just a white paper and some fancy graphics on a website,” Tate says. Some users evaluate projects by examining the market cap alone, which Tate believes is the absolute worst way to gauge a projects long term viability. “So many market caps are artificially inflated by developer pre-mines or deceptive coin counts,” he warns.

Okay let me try to explain. When you buy and hold a asset considered it as staking. But stacking some times means prove of stake, that's how new coin is minted. The simpler way to explain pos is like when you have that certain coin in someway you gonna have chance to get the new minted coin. But dgb yg minted through mining.

best DGB mining pool?

Hello Guys is there anyone mining DGB with HiveOs ?

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Hey DGB lovers , holders , traders and miners . DGB is my favorite project in the entire crypto space since iv been in crypto . I recently found this on a forum , as I don’t know much about the intricate workings of code or mining I would like y’all to check out what I found on a forum below and explain what I have found on the forum , here it is ........ Bullshit DGB hasnt hyped shit in the past? When the fuck did you buy it last week? DGB had repeatedly done hype shit. (Gaming, etc.) And the more Jared Tate opens his mouth on Twitter the more he looks like an idiot.Myriadcoin was the first 5 algo currency. Period. And to this day it is still the best. And most secure.DGB didnt innovate shit. DGB USED Myriads code to become Multi Algo. DGBs blockchain is the longest in existence because the miners are constantly looking to just mine new blocks as fast as possible. Which will be a problem because nobody will want to host a node.With the fact that the miners are looking to find new blocks so quickly, The 15 second block speed is a major security risk that can be xploited. It WAS premined, regardless of what the shills on DGBs forums will say.I've been in industry since 2010.

We got a mining group too :)

Removed msg from Mining Service. Reason: new user + external link

Let me guess. Dgb should add a mobile mining algo? 😂😂😂😂😂

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All known DGB mining pools, wallets, exchanges and payment providers that carry DigiByte have been contacted directly in May and also via twitter to inform them that they must upgrade their DigiByte Wallet to version 7.17.2 befofe the 19th of July for the Odocrypt upgrade. Any user complaints about not able to mine, send or receive DigiByte, must be directed to the support of the service with the request to upgrade their DigiByte wallet.

do new downloads count towards the percent?

No. Only mining pools which updated to 7.17.2 are signaling Odocrypt support.

An important message to all users of the DigiByte core wallet and third party services like mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and wallets. The DigiByte network is expecting an important upgrade to version v7.17.2 on the 21th of July 2019. You need to upgrade your DigiByte core wallet before that to make sure you can send and receive DigiByte after the upgrade. If you don't upgrade, you will not be able to send and receive DigiByte until you have upgraded your DigiByte core wallet to v7.17.2. This has been extensively and repeatedly communicated in all channels multiple times in the last few months. Also all mining pools, exchanges, payment providers and third party wallets have been personally informed and on social media multiple times to upgrade in time. There is absolutely no excuse from any party if they they not have upgraded yet. Of course a lot have done so, read here the known ones: Any mining issues and issues with sending and receiving DigiByte to and from third party services must be replied to them directly with the request to upgrade their DigiByte core wallet ASAP. Also be aware that we have changed the RPC calls to BTC Core 0.17 from version 6.17.2. So if you run an older version than v6.17.2, you also need to upgrade the RPC calls: Here is the source for the DigiByte core wallet upgrade to v7.17.2:
Odocrypt is active! The newest mining algo in blockchain has successfully arrived w/ DigiByte! 1st odo block mined 9,112,320: information for people who are using the Android & iOS DigiByte wallets:

Does digibyte has any mining algorithmic advantages over bitcoin and litecoin?

I need to know one big technological advantage dgb have over btc..

40xFaster, cheaper, 5 mining algorithms which means it is more secure then BTC, 15000 nodes

Charles 🇨🇦
Proof of stake, that favors people with huge amounts....

How is it different from pow with miners with more hash power? At least holders won’t dump into the market. They have an incentive to hold with pos. I could spend thousands on mining equipment today or just straight up buy Dgb instead. The better choice is to buy Dgb rather than mine at current prices. That’s why my gpu rig is pointed at other places because it’s not worth it to mine Dgb. I participate into the dgb economy by buying Dgb straight up instead of mining. Pos gives people with any Dgb (large or small) incentives for being part of the Dgb economy. I think 1/5 of the algo could use pos, not all algo. One pos algo takes 20% away from miners who dump into the market to cover cost of electricity

Phillip Bruni
Dislikes POS

even if it is 1 algo among 5? which can lead to staking which takes away most of the DGb from exchanges into long term wallets. Exchanges wil also list it, as holding it is rewarded.While rich won't get richer as other algos are also there which will share the rewards of mining.

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Where can I find the instruction for obtaining?

Also you can join channel and you can get more questions answered there

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You can see all the info here:

To purchase assets login on and purchase the mining asset

No it's actually very simple, it's like buying shares but the dividends you get are generated by the mining farm and are paid in digibytes

200,000 or 200? One asset right now is 720 Digibyte, looking on currently the payout is around 1 Digibyte per day per asset. You can see payouts on the site by looking and clicking on people's adresses

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Under what price mining dgb would become not profitable for the minners?