Only 💁🏻‍♂️🤐

Ferdi Berkmoes
Due to other activities I missed the rally of end may / june. But had some conversations with the dev team. And they are working on it. But small dev team. Therefore slow progress. But just wait.

yup bro waiting ! But idk why my life is full of loss haha One day ago i changed by btc to usdT at rate of 2000 $ and today btc is above 2300 $ i thought btc will drop to 1850 again

What's your view ? Think about someone who bought dgb at 22

I Bought at 2200 satoshi for 2.3 BTC ! But after my trade my view is that always wait for the price correction Whichever coin it is it will soon be dumped because in this crypto currency short term profit collectors are more because u are really viewing the profit not dreaming like holders So my advice is that hold the specific amount and trade little amount for fun if u want !