Partnership're excited to announce that by the end of Q1 Digibyte (DGB) will be listed on Bullex as another asset available to trade! As part of this partnership, a portion of the fees generated on DGB trading pairs will be shared with Digibyte's team. We're excited for this opportunity and look forward to the increased user base provided by DGB since they will have good reason to encourage traders and investors to move to Bullex for their buying and selling! For now, this is a one time arrangement, but we are seeking out other similar partnership opportunities. If you're interested in learning more about DGB, check out their official website at

any one miner from india

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anyone know transfer coin from coinexchane to ledger nano s

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Hello World! Meet DigiByte!!

hello guys i want to have digibyte as a payment option in my shop how can i ?

Check out "DigiCafe - Mobile DigiByte Point of Sale"

Here is the link to Android app☝️

By the way, where is your shop?

DigiCafé | A Simple, Mobile Point of Sale For Accepting DigiByte Payments.

Great I would love to buy a thing with DGB from there when I get a chance.

What shop is it...if you don't mind telling?

Mumbai... Here🙂😎🖐️

Hi, can i transfer my dgb in digibyte(beta) android wallet?

Is it safe as it's beta

The final release version is also there already in the playstore

Beta should be also fine. Just keep the seed phrase safe. Your DGB will never get lost.
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Hi..shalk i buy DGB in this price.

Why did digibyte go 10% down any news ?

It is there. You have to leave the beta program to be able to see it. I am presently using the released version.

Check out "DigiByte"

Are we going anywhere with wazirx?

Wallet not working

I asked someone to send me digibyte worth 6000 he is not able to send