काफी शांत हैं grp 😊

Crypto market he shaaant hai 14 months se😂

N india mein ban laga rakha hai so trading bhi nhi karte dhang se

Dont know wheter bitcoin will ever reach 20k ...in 2019 or even in 2020.......!!

Govt bhi so gayi crytpo p policy laane mein

Dgb chodo dodgecoin uthao

Bitcoin chodo ether ya ripple uthao

SanHam ✅

List DGB on more Indian exchanges

How to get coinomi wallet in another phone

I have all in this phone

If I want to shift how ?

I was told that these people already are!! I’ve been waiting for about a month. 😐

If I want to shift how ?

Note down the recovery seed phrase. Install Coinomi on the new phone, recover using the seed phrase while setting up instead of setting up as new wallet.

Do I get an answer about this?

Yathi we will give you answer but You also know India regulations situation that's why we stop contacting exchange for right now but We hopefully want good and healthy regulations from Indian government and then we start contacting.Rightnow for me Wazirx and unocoin is target.

📤 ➡️ u.to/BDzRFA ◀️ ⚡️ 🌏

are there any testnet explorers for digibyte

vote for DGBhttps://twitter.com/CryptoLadi/status/1103556544925380609?s=19

Love to share this Please join this group.-TEAMDGB👍

So how many of the DigiFam have used https://changeangel.io/index.php Amazing that you can log in using Antum ID / DigiID Plus the more crypto swaps to DGB to more donation they give back to DGBAT for development and promotion.

Lot of deleted accounts were member

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Which coin is best for short term trading at present

U must be the smartest kid of the class

Niels Barr (dont give a johan) banned Harry Baxter!