Sorry for the Indian fellows, hope gov changed its mind.

They till date not provide any information just saying same thing all the time by the name of anonymous source...

How to buy digibyte

Hello how to buy digibyte plz help me out

Abhijit Das
Hello how to buy digibyte plz help me out

First you need Bitcoin ,if you have Bitcoin I recommend use international exchange like bittrex ,kucoin and many more.

It's possible to buy

I trying to find out please wait patiently..

But I don't know more information regarding that..

Abhijit Das
I will check

Yes before purchasing please check and confirm..

I think this is not for India visa and MasterCard..

It's true digibyte growing fast in future

I advise you..use local Bitcoin or P2P method to purchase Bitcoin then buy Digibyte..



Its important we don't have much nodes in India and you get a better mobile experience with your node too if we have more

How many coins a node of digybyte pls.

Guess u missed my admin tag. Cheers