Btc moon Dgb moon Tesla moon

Johan moon 😂😂

From q4 2018 to q2 2019 is best time to buy crypto especially bitcoin right now focus only on bitcoin till next halving excpet few alts are also good to hold like eth ltc and won't regret if you buy btc under $10k.but need to hold atleast one year after halving ie q4 of 2021.Year 2021 will be alts year and 2020+2021 will be bitcoin year.don't forget to sell your profit before end of q4 2021 i.e next bear trend.i think next bull run already started but right now market still in confused state. within next 2-4 month next long bull run will start for surestarting slowly and gaining momentum every months . then year 2021 will be full moon like 2017. we can see btc over 100k$+ sure its a good time to accumulate dont care price now $4k $5k or $8k wont matter much.

Lol now bitcoin is at cricket site too hey everyone! Bullex is starting our token challenge so you can earn some free DRPU to get some free trades on Bullex and start supporting DGB! A portion of all fees generated from trades on dgb pairs on Bullex will be donated to the DGBAT! Currently Bullex is in an open beta phase where all major features are fully functional except fiat support which is expected by June 1st. Check out for more info and background on Bullex

CongratulationsModi will be our next PM of India 2019-2024