Am up with my BTC investment. The pump today made me so lucky. So who is as lucky as I am today? With 0.1 BTC am up 11 BTC due to the pump and investment platform which has given me value for every investment had no idea it will be this amazing. I remain totally grateful for this beautiful opportunity to regain all I have lost. After been scammed for awhile am grateful I found the gold mine
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I love digibyte and all of crypto, I made this design to help spread awareness to both any feed would be phenomenal
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#BTC Update Well, Not Much to say. All is going same as what we told you guys. We told you in last update that we're expecting #BTC to go for another short rally before coming down again when it was trading around 9.9k$. It exactly did the same and hits almost 10.5k$ and dump again from there to the same levels where we're sitting before.As of Now, #BTC trading around 9.9k$ again. #BTC likely to go for another short rally from here but As we told you before that we're likely to see #BTC to keep pumping and Dumping between 9.5k-12k$ till September which going same so far. As we're moving in a triangle, we're likely to get clear direction by the end of September. We'll let you know guys about next direction before that. We personally targeting #BTC to dump to 9.2k$ or even more low in Mid-term before making new high this year and we're sure about it. Let's See👍

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#BTC Update All is going same as what we told you guys in our last update. We told you that we're expecting short rally in Bitcoin before a big drop to around 9.2k$ when it was Trading around 10k$. We exactly hits 10.6k$ as a short rally and dumps from there to around 9.3k$. We can say it hits our targets.As of Now, #BTC Trading around 9.4k$. We're seeing that dominance of #BTC now increasing and trading volume decreasing, which means Whales are accumulating #BTC here. We're expecting some consolidations between 9.2-9.4k$ and then again a short term rally towards the targets of 9.8k-10k$. Let it reach there first, We'll let you know about next move then.
DigiByte is now supported on KomodoPlatform's AtomicDEX.
Today we’re excited to announce that DigiByte (DGB) is LIVE on Uphold!Uphold serves 184+ countries, across 30+ currencies (traditional and crypto) and commodities with frictionless foreign exchange and cross-border remittance for members around the world. Since their launch in 2015, Uphold has powered more than US$4+ billion in transactions.

V-ID is nominated for the Dutch Blue Tulip (accenture) innovation awards.Lets help them pass the vote by voting for V-ID. This is also good for DigiByte recognition. Email confirmation is needed.Please use this link:[email protected]=403166

Let me know if u guys wanna get some
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Great work #Digibyte team ,This will help to attract more Indian people..

Rightnow market is very much down after RBI and regulations..