Sign this petition who don't sign and share in your twitter account. In south korea approx 220k people sign petition and after that govt take step for regulation. Share this with #Isupportcrypto Every thing accepted by big revolution. Use your social media to support this whatever country from you.We are family just share this and sign petition.
Sign this petition who don't sign and share in your twitter account. In south korea approx 220k people sign petition and after that govt take step for regulation. Share this with #Isupportcrypto Every thing accepted by big revolution. Use your social media to support this whatever country from you.We are family just share this and sign petition.

#DigiByteUpdates Multiply reasons, is good to know and understand the valuability of DigiByte as a Blockchain - capable to build on top multiple "Services" and current Development Projects on going. 1. DigiByte blockchain offers cross - blockchain transactions, light networking with #DGB-Speed, fast and secure. #DigiByte is described in two words as #FasterBitcoin 2. #DigiShield/MultiShield Protection being used by many alt-coins to protect their mining pools 3. #MultiAlgo ASIC, CPU, GPU 4. #DigiHash the allowance of 5 mining Algos ( Many successfull assets in the market helped via DigiByte so far) These are Sha256 (ASIC ), Scrypt (ASIC ), Groestl (GPU ), Skein (GPU ), Qubit (ASIC ). Real time difficult adjustment every minute! 5. DigiByte Blockchain 6.5+ million blocks, going on 4 years active development 6. DGB #SegWit via #DigiSync v6.14.2 7. #DigiuSign Blockchain based esignatures suppored by #DigiByteBlockchain - recognized so far in City Contest and Awarded by Clifford Chance, one of the world's pre-eminent law firms. 8. #Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System - DigiByte aims Market Global Adoption 9. DigiByte #Wallets Windows/Mac/iOs/Chrome/Linux/3rd Parties " Coinomi, Ledger, Trezor, Exodus" 10. #DigiByteTIp Blockchain Currency 11. Advanced Developer Platform 12. #Artificial Intelligence Projects (Emma, AI) 13. DGB #Foundation / DGB Promote 14. Conferences/Events 15. Lots Suprises in the future projects/interviews/ gaming... 16. Volume increase in the market/people recognise DigiByte potentials 17. Future partnerships across the Globe - #ecommerce- being used in real world 18. Expansion #corporate Partnerships 19. Korean exchanges on its way and #Asia focus on DigiByteCoin - Already marketing team has made so many improments and DigiByte has been added to many exchanges around the world. 20. #Community actively, stronger and growing and the support is increasing, on individual and common projects. Thank you! 21. The only crypto that recently participated on @City Tech as a finalist!...Everyone that supports blockchain/cryptocurrencies/cryptos should show understanding and respect all efforts DigiByte Team and Jared has made so far. 22.DigiByteCoin a digital asset (currency) with potentials and used in Global scale. 23. Digi messenger, An innovative and secure messaging app built on top of DigiByte that is being prototyped. 24. DigiByte DigiSeeder, A background seeding service to make sure all wallets rapidly find other peers on the network 25. DigiByte DigiMan, An innovative web browser being built to utilize many aspects of the security of the DigiByte Blockchain. 26. DigiByte Playground, an interactive javascript sandbox for developers to learn how to build on top of DigiByte. 27.Great Supportive Community, this is a key to success for every asset in crypto world! - many of "others" come in here to show envy and express jealously for DigiByte success, Development and Community! We focus on our Development and we ignore all haters. In conclusion - @Jared Tate the Founder of DigiByte - That person has been in the front line for years now, making decisions, attending confferences, meet new people and potential partners, supporting and developing projects and all that by risking his own reputation, I bet you all #DYOR before questioning the future of DigiByte. All his efforts much appreciated, without Jared, nobody would be here; talking about DigiByte. We can all become anything we want in Decentralised blockchain like DigiByte. "copy of my post some time ago" Things can change at any time, so I would really advice to everyone in our community and new members who are joining DigiByte; If you really want to have some sort of resposibility and maximize your investment go out on different sources and express your passion your enthusiasm about DigiByte. Help people understand about DigiByte. Become productive! Appreciate, Respect , Believe & Support DigiByte Blockchain #ThankYouDigiByteCommunity

#DigiByteCommunity - Decided to create e-learning material about DigiByte blockchain and how to use services (from A to Z). Please: I would like to ask everyone to send me their ideas about this project #E-Learning material for DigiByte. Those info will be categorized and after been organized will start implementing educational material for our community supporters and investors. From A to Z means that will have demostrations from how to find us or connnect on telegram/websites/wallets/mining/github/social more... Looking forward to hear your ideas - Please sent me Only Private msgs @JaredTate @discovernow @ycagel @DamirCengic #DigiByteCore #Underground #respect

Here are some large news agencies talking about DigiByte. Nasdaq: DigiByte is one of the “20 Cryptocurrencies to Bet the House On!” Harvard University: “How One Blockchain’s Vision and Technology Separates Them from the Pack” Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) : “Jared C. Tate, founder of DigiByte Blockchain, speaking at MIT Blockchain Club” The Future of Blockchain with Matt Aaron from that speaks with Jared Tate, founder of DigiByte. “Jared is arguably the world's leading expert on blockchain technology”. Crypto Lark interview with Jared Tate "DigiByte DGB - Secure, Community Driven, and Legit Blockchain" Andrea Simon (Corporate Anthropologist) interview with Jared Tate from DigiByte: Blockchain is going to be changing perhaps everything we do. Cryptopulse: “An Interview with Josiah Spackman from DigiByte” Brian Kelly from CNBC mentions: "DigiByte will make you Allot of Money!" Ran NeuNer mentions: "DigiByte being a potential replacement for BTC on CNBC Fast Money" HuffPost mentions: "DigiByte miners opting to source their power from renewable sources” Cointelegraph: "Paying your Debts with DigiByte DGB" Global Coin Report: "DigiByte (DGB): Hidden Potential or a Sleeping Coin?"
Sc ..bhi ..😂

Yes. But atleast SC has its own blockchain and ORIGINAL code and function. BTG is just a copy-paste money making scam.

But for confirmation please check tx id in dgb Blockchain explore.

Hello my DigiByters :) Hope you are all doing well, we are doing an awesome progress in every aspect. As many of you already know I am currently running a donation campaign. The campaign I am running is aimed to bring a community gift to 8 selected members that I think deserve much more. This is not to fund their hard work they put in the DGB project every day volunteering but rather as a gift to show them the apprechiation they deserve. They built the best blockchain for us (DGB), they built DigiID, they created the websites for everything, they are marketing DigiByte everywhere, they are getting DGB on new exchanges regularly, they are doing most of the work. Lets step together as a community and give them a small gift. So far I have been able to collect 13,403 DGB coins out of a goal of 20K. That means we only need 6597 DGB coins to reach the final goal. Some people donated over 2K coins at once, some 500 and some 50. It doesnt matter how much you donate, as you can see every donation helps us move to our goal. I would like to thank everyone who donated so far and who will donate in the future to reach the goal. And as we know, @Chilling_Silence father passed and this is something nobody wants to go through. He is still providing tons of value and service for the DGB even though his difficult situation. He is also one of the members on my donation list and I would really like to reach the set goal fast so that I can proceed to send coins to all of them and help them feel better no matter what they are going through. You can find the address to send coins to and all other information about the campaign here: I would just like to add...nobody asked me to collect funds for anyone. This campaign is fully driven by my own will, because I think as I already said, they deserve some apprechiation. Thanks the best crypto community, DigiByte. Together we will win :)

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Everyone needs to UPGRADE their DigiByte blockchain core wallet to v7.17.2 before the algo fork on July 19th. About 6000 core node downloads so far. Miners are showing 59% upgraded out of 70%. You can find the release info here: the progress live here: more about the v7.17.2 Odocrypt Algo Fork here:

Just looking at the technicals and where it is, it's better than btc, ltc, xrp, eth, faster, more secure, real time difficulty adjustment, multi algo, asic resistant, is a PoW blockchain with dapps, smart contracts, u can build icos on it, itcan scale on chain etc etc etc and then look where it is compared to its inferior competitors, and that should tell u the future. Having dgb in my opinion is finding a gem before others find out.

But these link are not reliable. Dont promote anyone hereYes we can share crypto newsBut with soruce(valid)

The Blockchain lawyer who was fighting from our indian exchanges and from out side has shared this on his twitter handle

Hey stay with Digibyte and Blockchain related topic ,jo hona hoga ho ke rahega ab tumlog pls spam mat karo laar ke..

Odocrypt is active! The newest mining algo in blockchain has successfully arrived w/ DigiByte! 1st odo block mined 9,112,320: information for people who are using the Android & iOS DigiByte wallets:
What is synchronised

Blockchain gets synchronised by Digibyte core software which takes care of communication and updation from Digibyte network.

First off, a huge you to everyone for supporting DigiByte! As you know, the DGB blockchain was hard forked on July 21st to replace the myr-groestl algo with the new Odocrypt mining algo as 1 of DGB's 5 mining algorithms.This hard fork was a mandatory update for all DGB full nodes and supported wallets. The devs quickly released an update for the iOS and Android DGB mobile wallets to fix a sync issue post-fork. If you have not updated yet, make sure you have updated your mobile wallet to the latest version if you are having any issues.Second, if you are still having mobile wallet issues, make sure you have written down and recorded your 12 world wallet seed phrase. Then go into settings -> and click "sync blockchain". This will resync your wallet and should fix any issues you are having. There is a chance you may have to do this 2-3 times if you get a bad peer (aka a peer not yet upgraded to 7.17.2.). This will be less of a problem as the old chain dies out. Let us know how else we can help. We are very excited about the future of DigiByte!
The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) in collaboration with Vertbase is launching a crypto donation platform with the SuperPAC Humanity Forward Fund which supports Andrew Yang for President in 2020. Vertbase, an instant buy, sell and swap exchange has created a donation based platform for charities and other entities who rely on donation based funding, for use in this case by HumanityFWD. The #CryptoFWD donation platform will include Bitcoin, Litecoin, DigiByte, Dogecoin and Vertcoin upon initial launch. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency requires two things: awareness and real world use cases. Crypto donations in the context of a presidential election campaign checks off both these boxes in a compelling way. In Andrew Yang’s own words: “Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have quickly grown to represent a large amount of value and economic activity. It’s time for the federal government to create clear guidelines as to how cryptocurrencies/digital asset markets will be treated and regulated so that investment can proceed with all relevant information.” ( As members of the Cryptocurrency Community it is significant to note that Andrew Yang is the only candidate who recognizes through his policies the innovation that the emerging blockchain economy represents, and embraces its technology as an asset rather than a threat. Cryptocurrency, like fiat, is not tied to any one political party. By incorporating a larger segment of the Cryptocurrency Community, DGBAT hopes that this donation platform will facilitate a broader conversation, donation and awareness effort surrounding the emergence of the crypto economy on a national level. At the intersection of freedom of speech and freedom of monetary value lies political donations in crypto. DGBAT is grateful for the innovative spirit of the Humanity Forward Fund and Presidential candidate Andrew Yang who have embraced the future of the crypto economy, and the support of Vertbase without whom this would not be possible. To make donations to to support the candidacy of Andrew Yang please visit today. Paid for by Humanity Forward Fund ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions or gifts to the Humanity Forward Fund are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
The Blockchain 2035 eBook is out! Blockchain 2035 is the first book of its kind, written by Jared Tate, founder of the DigiByte blockchain and Andrew Knapp, a former intelligence analyst. These two perspectives address both the technical and political impacts that this technology will have and how it will be pivotal in the broader world.Inspired by the hundreds of questions and common misconceptions in the blockchain industry Blockchain 2035 is steering the conversation and providing insights into the exciting opportunities for our technological future.Everyone who pre-ordered should have received an email with a download link. There are three formats available, PDF, ePub and mobi format. Hardcovers will ship as soon as the first print run is completed next week. If you haven't order it yet, you can order here:

My heart felt thank you to every one who supports DigiByte & true blockchain decentralization! A huge thank you to all the new platforms, exchanges and people who have chosen to StandWithDigiByte! Let's work together towards a future where everyone is empowered! - Jared Tate

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