Be your own bank = literally "Sii la tua stessa banca", but "Sii" doesn't sound too good in a headline. Other suggestions: "La banca sei tu", "La tua nuova banca. Sei tu", "La tua banca. Differente." (this makes leverage of a famous ad) "Diventa la tua banca", etc.Visit = Visita DigiByte.ioIt’s time to rethink money... = È tempo di ripensare il denaroJoin the movement = Unisciti a noi

Can we please have these proofed for translation. Any feedback is welcome.

Anyone care to proof these for accuracy and clarity? 👆

What exchange does DGB trade on in Italy and what exchange would like it to be added to?

They look good to me!

I dont know any italian exchange, don't think there's any... I bought some DGB by going through Kraken (fiat -> BTC) and then Bittrex (BTC -> DGB)

Wallet per la DigiByte ragazzi

Sapevi che con soli $ 200 puoi guadagnare un massimo di $ 400 entro 48 ore dalla sessione di mining bitcoin  Nessun rischio  I tuoi guadagni sono garantiti  Senza inviare denaro o bitcoin a nessuno  Ricevimi e chiedimi come?

Please help with translation

We have no one for italian yet

Nigel Borreman
Can you help translate website?

Depends how much to translate. Because could be difficult for me

Hey DigiByte Community, we need your help with translations for the new website.Join here: preview of the new website: http://dgbio.digibyteservers.ioTranslation group: can add your local language if its not already in the list.Use DigiByte with capital D & B not digibyte, but DigiByte.Keep text between “” the same, but you can translate it to your local language, because in “” are links. Keep the text Digi-ID & DigiAssets.Don’t use formal words for you etc try to make it personal from person to person when you have a conversation and keep it modern.Stay as close to the original text length and when you are done let us know in this chat and tag @makyurt or @theunamatrixIf you have any questions feel free to ask in this chat.- The DigiByte Team
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