the moment you knowall the open-source projects out therewell there's some that are trying to dosha-512after the NSA memorandum but yeah ithink initially probably a shot tofive-six setup yes sirI had read recently that theorem wascertainly using smart contracts I assumethat's what you were working on as wellwhen you're talking about trade and tothat extent the article really spoke to[Music]ships that would go to port and be heldhostage saying you know I don't approveof your shipment so therefore I'm notgonna pay you and then renegotiate thedeal and smart contracts are supposed tocome in and alleviate a lot of that thatproblem so is that yeah you know just aquick note on smart contracts mostpeople don't know this smart contractshave been possible on top of Bitcoin assoon as 2012 2013 same with did you bitethe difference is with Bitcoin and didyou buy you have a more rigid secureenvironment so you don't have as muchflexibility where as a theorem you havethe ability to do almost you know kindof anything but that has its securitydrawbacks as we've seen with certainsituations but yes that same premise ofyou have in an intermediate you know theblockchain essentially is the notary andbecomes the middleman that executes thatstuff so in the in the case of Bitcoin alot of this is made possible even moreso with segments but then also withsomething called time lock verify andthen also multi signature transactionsand then also with opie return you havethe ability to add a little bit of datain there that can represent an unlimitedamount of external data so there's somereally cool stuff you can do with thatyou know the biggest difference is theinterface to do that has just not beeneasily explained on top of Bitcoin andthen I'll take credit and you know didyou buy it it's not that easy eitheryou know aetherium it was much easierfor developedto actually start doing this stuff andexperimenting with it so that'ssomething we're working on fix heyfantastic presentation really enjoyed itthank you for your time I have aquestion that's sort of um on theperiphery of what you're talking aboutbut as somebody who has lived in Chinait sounds like for a couple of years andis obviously very deep within the thecrypto asset industry China has areputation especially when it comes tothe tech space of preferring their theirown companies you know they don't wantFacebook Twitter Boober Amazon they wantRen Ren DD Alibaba Weibo WeChat thingslike that so I was hoping to get youropinion on where you see in the in theshort-term future for the Chinese blackspace black chain space um do you seethem as wanting to eschew sort of youknow the the Western eyes or Westerncreated blockchainsand create their own or are they gonnabe you know trying to innovate themamongst themselves sort of how do yousee the Chinese culture clashing withsort of the open source decentralizedethos of the crypto space at the momentwell I I think you definitely see youknow Chinese centric cryptocurrencythey've already emerged I mean this it'sa pattern been going on since 2014 butwithout a doubt like I said once the thedigital remand be is issued is out thereand it's dispersed throughout AsiaAfrica in the Middle East you know Ithink that is going to be a Chinese youknow sphere of influence and dominancein that space with with that particularblockchain set up here so we're tight ontime so we got a wrap but Jared thankyou so much appreciate it thank you

Is government regulation strong?

Don't think so, every government regulation have little gap but Russia not ban cryptocurrency rgtnw then why people are afraid to buy Bitcoin.

almost japanese same think Be suspicious of

Within 1 year this baby market grow tremendous and hope this year huge money flow into cryptocurrency market.

26th position in whole cryptocurrency market of bitz

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: This is what DGB has added in the last month, I am sure there are more, can't even keep track actually lol: Buyucoin BuyUcoin | India's first multi cryptocurrency Wallet and Exchange, Buy and sell ... Buy, sell & exchange Crytocurrency – Bitcoin (btc), Ethereum (eth), ripple (xrp), Bitcoin cash (bcc), litecoin (ltc), neo (NEO), dash, omisego, nem, l...
Israeli PM: Bitcoin Could Replace Banks In a YouTube video from Dec. 12, PM Netanyahu stated that banks are destined to disappear -- cryptocurrency could take their place.

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Hi, everyone! BitGild just started accepting DigiByte! They are the FIRST gold & silver dealer to accept our cryptocurrency! You can now buy precious metals from with DigiByte! Have a nice day! 👍

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DigiByte India DigiByte is Fastest CryptoCurrency highly decentralized Blockchain. DigiByte become the world's longest,fastest and most secure UTXO Blockchain in existence. This group is dedicated to DigiByte and DigiByte community from worldwide Indians. @DigiByteIndia

Detailed DigiByte Milestones 2014, Jan : DigiByte launched 2014, Jan : DigiByte releases Android Wallet 2014, Feb : DigiShield hardfork at block 67,200. DigiByte developers in response to multi-pool attacks test and develop an asymmetrical difficulty adjustment system named DigiShield 2014, Apr : professional presentation & has a booth at the first ever cryptocurrency convention in New York City 2014, Sep : MultiAlgo hardfork at block 145,000. DigiByte plans & successfully deploys its second hardfork to allow miners to mine on five independent mining algorithms & is the first digital currency to make such a move.  2014, Dec : MultiShield hardfork at block 400,000. DigiByte deploys & executes its third hard fork to improve network performance alongside a reward reduction to extend DigiByte production to 21 years. 2015, Jan : DigiByte releases DigiHash Easy Miner for beginners 2015, Jan : DigiByte releases 1st Web Based Multi-Signature Wallet 2015, Jan : The first DigiByte wallet has been approved & listed on the Apple iTunes store 2015, March : DigiHash Easy Miner 2.0 released 2015, Jun : DigiByte has been added to the Coinomi Wallet 2015, Jun : DigiByte Gaming Wallet released for Android and Chrome extension 2015, Sept : DigiByte Gaming Chrome App Updated 2015, Sept : DigiSpeed hardfork at block 1,430,000 2015, Nov : Update DigiByte Android Wallet 2015, Dec : DigiByte releases DigiByte wallet v4.0.0 2016, March : Jared Tate as speaker at “Blockchain and Bitcoin Africa conference 2016” 2016, March : Jared Tate as speaker at FinDEVr New York 2016 2016, Apr : Byte Academy Finance and Technology Community meet up “Blockchain intro + Bussiness 2016, Apr : DigiByte attended at LA Games Conference 2016 2016, Apr : DigiByte  have partnered with Slingshot eSports to provide a use case for DigiByte Gaming and blockchain based advertising in the gaming world 2016, Apr : Digibyte attended at CollisionHQ 2016, May : Jared Tate as speaker at Finovate 2016 in San Jose  2016, May : DigiByte attended at RISE conference 2016 2016, Jun : Jared Tate as speaker Global Blockchain Summit 2016 2016, Jun :  Officially partnering with Microsoft Biz Spark 2016, Jun : DigiBot Version 3.0 Update - Telegram Tipping 2016, Nov : Jared Tate speaks about DigiByteCoin and the future of Blockchain technology at CreditSuisse 2017, Apr : DigiByte Segwit signalling 2017, Apr : First major blockchain to implement SegWit support, ahead of BTC/LTC etc 2017, Apr : 1st Segwit test block on version 6.13.1 has been mined on the main DigiByte blockchain 2017, May : Developer Playground released 2917, May : DiguSign, to securely store, notarize, validate and secure documents in the DigiByte blockchain 2017, Jun : Digibyte Emma Releases the first part of the future AI aspect of DigiByte 2017, Jun : DiguSign has been selected as a finalist for the Citi bank Tech 4 integrity challenge 2017, Jun : Jared Tate  speak and participate on a panel discussion Citi bank Tech 4 integrity challenge 2017, Jun : Wirex Digibyte Debit Card 2017, Jul : 1st DigiByte Transaction at Blocknet Decentralize Exchange 2017, Aug : DigiByte add by Coinpayments payment gateway 2017, Aug : DigiByte rebranding 2017, Sept : DigiByte add By Buyucoin, HitBTC 2917, Oct : Digibyte new website released 2017, Oct : Clifford Chance announces Tech for Integrity legal award recipients to DigiByte 2017, Oct : DigiByte add by Upbit, Kucoin, Barterdex, Coinspot, Coingate, HitBTC, Bit-Z Exchanges 2017, Oct : DigiByte available at Ledger Nano and Blue wallet 2017, Nov : Trezor update device firmware for Digibyte Support 2017, Nov : DigiByte Accepted at Top Airport Parking in 25 Airports & Cruises 2017, Nov : DigiByte Foundation website releases 2017, Oct : Jared Tate as speaker at Texas Bitcoin Conference 2017 2017, Dec : DigiByte add by Crypto Change, Cryptobridge, AlcurEX, OKEX, Bitotal, Changelly, EVERCOIN, IAZO Exchanges 2017, Dec : DigiByte add by Kamoney payment gateway 2018, Jan : DigiByte is available for atomic swap trading on komodo platform decentralize exchange 2018, Jan : DigiByte iOS wallet ha

Hi Japanese community! It would be great if the Japanese DigiByte community will support this company in advancing the development of sustainable mining. This is one of the important points for all cryptocurrency mining, including DigiByte, to be sustainable over time. The environmental issue is the main attack they make to Bitcoin and to all the mineable coins.
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The DigiByte Awareness Team (DGBAT) in collaboration with Vertbase is launching a crypto donation platform with the SuperPAC Humanity Forward Fund which supports Andrew Yang for President in 2020. Vertbase, an instant buy, sell and swap exchange has created a donation based platform for charities and other entities who rely on donation based funding, for use in this case by HumanityFWD. The #CryptoFWD donation platform will include Bitcoin, Litecoin, DigiByte, Dogecoin and Vertcoin upon initial launch. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency requires two things: awareness and real world use cases. Crypto donations in the context of a presidential election campaign checks off both these boxes in a compelling way. In Andrew Yang’s own words: “Cryptocurrencies and digital assets have quickly grown to represent a large amount of value and economic activity. It’s time for the federal government to create clear guidelines as to how cryptocurrencies/digital asset markets will be treated and regulated so that investment can proceed with all relevant information.” ( As members of the Cryptocurrency Community it is significant to note that Andrew Yang is the only candidate who recognizes through his policies the innovation that the emerging blockchain economy represents, and embraces its technology as an asset rather than a threat. Cryptocurrency, like fiat, is not tied to any one political party. By incorporating a larger segment of the Cryptocurrency Community, DGBAT hopes that this donation platform will facilitate a broader conversation, donation and awareness effort surrounding the emergence of the crypto economy on a national level. At the intersection of freedom of speech and freedom of monetary value lies political donations in crypto. DGBAT is grateful for the innovative spirit of the Humanity Forward Fund and Presidential candidate Andrew Yang who have embraced the future of the crypto economy, and the support of Vertbase without whom this would not be possible. To make donations to to support the candidacy of Andrew Yang please visit today. Paid for by Humanity Forward Fund ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contributions or gifts to the Humanity Forward Fund are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.