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Confirmed for Digital Currency Con: Keynote Jared Tate, Digital Currency Con July 13th - 14th, 2018 PARK CITY, UTAH

Hi can someone please help me, I haven’t been into my wallet which is on my Mac and I received the message Digibyte Core can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified wallet

What’s with the previous Malaysian group?

Please be wary of any PM's from anyone asking for crypto, even if it's to donate $DGB to our recent efforts in Venezuela. Always double-check the address, you can verify "DCJSNfGsamNYcbZs5HxJPQLpfNtiVAzK1M" by comparing against the original Medium article:
❌There is an #Imposter❌ Be aware! Please #Report and #Block for your own safety. He is currently using Chilling_Silence "Nickname" he is #BANNED from the most of the groups! #FRAUD

Can anyone share the easier way to buy digibyte in Malaysia? Tq

I usually top up my Malaysian ringgit to USDT on , then I use USDT to exchange BTC coin and send the BTC to KuCoin buy the DGB

Can anyone share the easier way to buy digibyte in Malaysia? Tq

Get BTC/ETH/BCH/USDT and exchange with DGB. At least 30 companies and websites in Malaysia sell the above. None that I know of that sells DGB direct with RM. Some individuals might. I personally also only do crypto-to-crypto trades only. Dozens of exchanges out there. Be careful if to deal with private person esp. via online. Lots of scams. Or offline if large tx also dangerous. Stay safe..

I have listed some of the services that I have been using the past year plus here: (in local Bahasa Malaysia).

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