Local Digibyte is a digibyte blockchain platform, that provides buying and selling digibyte instantly in your area. * Multilingual support * Enjoy 50% discount for 1 month when you register * Fast deposits and withdrawal * high performance & Secure platform * Support 152 countries * Support 150 currencies * Support 1200 global bank Deposits take 2 minutes to arrive in your wallet. Withdrawals appear in seconds into your wallet. The minimum sell/buy volume is 250 DGB. Withdraw and deposit fee is 0.1 DGB. There is also a fee for the buyer that is 1% of the total amount (the first month is 0,5%). Seller has no fee. The whole idea is that we hold your DGB in escrow until you have been paid peer-2-peer (choose your own way, bank, cash, whatever). Then after you have been paid, the DGB is released to the buyer. Disputes are automatically settled by the system, if needed a dispute can be handled by showing proof or payment, so that the buyer is always sure that he will get his DGB. We have been developing for a year on the platform. Currently we support English & Arabic The founder of the Local Digibyte platform is Abdulsattar Alkhalaf and you can find facebook page in “about” page. We would invite you to sign up and take a look and review the platform, then let us know what do you think about it! Telegram:

Site under maintenance?

Anyone using changelly?

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How to buy digibyte in Malaysia?

I'm only exchange at coinomi. You also can buy at trusted seller

السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ*بِسۡـــــــــمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡـمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِـــــــيم*HARGA JUALAN*10 Dis /. 2018**CRYPTO TYPE:*Bayaran menggunakan *Btc , doge,eth,litecoin* diterima utk pembayaran *Rate coinomi* 👆 *MYRT* *🤓[email protected] 1000xrp 😍MYRT [email protected] min50 xlm 🤗MYRT [email protected] 1 USDT😔MYRT 450 @ 1 BSV😃[email protected] *TRX* 😊[email protected] *Cerdano😃[email protected] *ETC* 😅[email protected] *BTG* 😃[email protected] *DGB* *🤓[email protected]*DOGE*100k [email protected] *😊[email protected]** *😎[email protected]* 🤭[email protected] *SC* 🤭[email protected] *BTCP* 😒[email protected] POWR🤭 *[email protected] *DCN*🤭[email protected] RDD* 🤭[email protected] *SYS* *🤭[email protected] *ZCL*🤭[email protected] NAV*😍[email protected] INSOLAR🤭[email protected] *LCC* 🤭[email protected] *LINDA* 🤭[email protected] 1j *DIME* 🤭MYR50 @10 BITG*🤭MYR45 @1j *XP* 🤭MYR89 @10 CLAM* 🤭[email protected] NYC* mainternen🤭MYR 93 @100 BCA* 😘[email protected] LUN🤭MYR25 @ *1000 CLO CALLISTO* 🤭[email protected] SHND*😊[email protected] *TOACOIN* 😃MYR21 @1000 BANYAN BBN🤭[email protected] *BTCZ*😊[email protected] *UNIT* 🤭[email protected] *SPRTS* 🤭[email protected] *ELITE*😎[email protected] PENG😊[email protected] PINK* 🤭[email protected] *TIPs🤭[email protected] *SMLY* 🤭[email protected] *PCN🤭[email protected]*BRIT* *😎[email protected] FJC*🤭[email protected] *ETG* 🤭[email protected] *100k NTO* 😀[email protected] BChv 😃[email protected] ABC😊[email protected] *CLUB*😊[email protected] *SIC* *😃[email protected] BSN* *Rate min pembelianBeli borong inshaalah kita bg harga *borong** *BTC* 🤭 *MYRT* [email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]* *[email protected]* ***[email protected]* *ETH* [email protected] *[email protected]* *LITE COIN* *[email protected] 0.1~1 *LTC* #[email protected]🤝🤝trm kasih

Also can buy with this guy. Trusted

How to buy digibyte in Malaysia?

Hi esther, you can buy bitcoin in remitano & buy digibyte using poloniex exchange to be safe.

Is there anyway to buy digibyte using RM ?

currently theres no fiat to dgb in malaysia 😁

Buy btc Send to exchangeBuy dgb

yup thats the safest way

Buy BTC from Remitano.. send to exchange wallet..

Btc, bch, ltc and more, your choice:Detailed some options here - http://senangbit.comDalam BM.Yup, paling senang dlm walet coinomi dari mana2 di atas utk tukar ke DGB.Tapi kalau adventurous, boleh guna beberapa exchange sites - baca part “investing/trading”.

Yea collect digibyte.. 📈😘


Hey malaysia dgb community, feel free to follow dgb instagram at for more updates

any dgb community from east malaysia? 😁

Check out @ThomasSchuIz’s Tweet:

May i have the link to remitano plse

How does this remitano works? Where should i store my digibyte? Tks in advance , greatly appreciated.

Hi esther, basically if you wanna buy dgb. you have to buy bitcoin from remitano first, then send it to exchange for example to exchange your bitcoin to digibyte coin.

meaning i need account with remitano n poloniex first?

Available for iOS ans android, as well as for desktops.

the safest way to store your dgb is their official dgb wallet in your appstore or google playstore