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Means i can download the wallet from digibyte website?

Safest would be trezor/ledger hardware wallet..If u have considerable amount of DGB that is. 😉Otherwise, any of the ones listed at website should be ok.

agreed with nas 👍🏻

I personally like jaxx and coinomi. But if u really would be into digibyte, use the dedicated DGB wallet.

But yeah, when in doubt esp if u’ll be keeping RM1 million worth of crypto, just order direct from manufacturer. 😀

Wow there are a lot wallets in the site

am using ipad, is it good to download mac os x wallet?

I'm using coinomi 👍👍👍😊

ios wallet?

It says Touch ID to install, i touched nothing happen?

touch id means ur fingerprint

Hehe. Have u installed any ios app before Esther ?

Could be fp, of faceid for the newer ios devices.

yes i touched the fingerprint,

Check the main phone screen or click “open” on appstore..

@NasirXYZ no never

it's the APP Store

Yes, it not ooen

Place ur finger on the home button

then the app store

Apple media services. Terms n conditions have changed

Ok. Walkthru ur first install then... 😀