No wonder u totally got no clue to buy dgb

I m kind of understand now

thank you very much

now i had open it

Cre8 account on poloniex takes time

what should i do.nxt?

it says welcome to the digibyte wallet

how to get the wallet address?

what should i do.nxt?

Step #1 done..Read on for step #2: some good friends will guide thru.

i need set pin first

Need to backup key also.

Android version is here: need to add iOS one too, now that we have a fully released app.

For other technical support, can join this group i suppose: talk at times tho.

All the best Esther and all.Out to late dinner now.

Tq, enjoy yourself

now i finushed all the keys

how do i come out from the screen?

ok it will go to the home screen

so when i need it i press to open it ?

May i know how old are u?

Coz youngsters shud not be like this

do u have link for remitano n poloniex which i can sign up under u? plse

Kai 1btc=100M Sat
Coz youngsters shud not be like this

am just careful n first time using iPad to open a wallet

Share your DGB wallet (receive) address here Esther .Maybe some will send u some DGB to test around.


Tks everyone here helped me, greatly appreciated🙏

Esther fun learning!